ARCHIVED: 2007 Washington E-Bulletin


  • Washington E-Bulletin - March 31, 2007

    Vol. 2007, Issue 2
    Take Action Now
    Sunshine Week Action: Your Right-to-Know
    Petition for Public Access to Publicly Funded Research in the United States
    Updates from the Hill
    Presidential Records Act Amendments (H.R. 1255)
    Freedom of Information Act Amendments (H.R. 1309)
    Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (H.R. 985)
    OPEN Government Act (S. 849/ H.R. 1326)
    Washington Office Activities
    AALL Publishes Important New Report on Digital Authentication
    AALL Supports FY 2008 Budget Requests for GPO and the NHPRC
    AALL Support for the Law Library of Congress
    2007 Sunshine Week A Great Success
    Library Copyright Alliance Supports Orphan Works Reform
    Call for Co-Sponsors to the FAIR USE Act (H.R. 1201)
    Outside the Beltway: Chapter News
    LLOPS Tracking H.B. 1317 and H.B. 1859,br> SEAALL Annual Meeting & Charitable Giving Campaign
    Free Time Well Spent: Further Reading for the Information Policy Junkie
    Agenda for Spring DLC Conference Now Available
    C-SPAN to Digitize Video Content
    New Issue of Global Legal Monitor Available
    New Government Documents Blog
  • Washington E-Bulletin - February 27, 2007

    Vol. 2007, Issue 1
    Take Action Now
    Co-sponsors Needed for New Boucher Fair Use Bill
    EU Public Access to Publicly Funded Research
    Updates from the Hill
    Boxer takes EPA Administrator to task over EPA Libraries
    Legislative Transparency and Accountability Act of 2007 -- S. 1
    Internet Freedom Preservation Act- Net Neutrality – S. 215
    Preservation of Records of Servitude, Emancipation, and Post-Civil War Reconstruction
    Act – HR 390
    Washington Office Activities
    Government Secrecy and Openness 2007
    Outside the Beltway: Chapter News
    CALL's Sunshine Week Event: Notice to CALL Members
    NOCALL to Host Closed Doors, Open Democracies? Event
    ILA requests AALL's support in defeating Senate Bill 1682
    Free Time Well Spent: Further Reading for the Information Policy Junkie
    CRS Director Moves to Restrict Analysts’ Media Contact
    2007 National FOI Day Conference
    House Begins Oversight Hearings on Presidential Signing Statements 4.0 Has Arrived With New Features
    GPO Releases White Paper on Web Harvesting 1.0
    New Issue of Global Legal Monitor Available
    Comprehensive Study Examines Quality of 615 House and Senate Web Sites, Finds Quality Disappointing
  • Washington E-Bulletin - December 13, 2007

    Vol. 2007, Issue 3
    Co-Sponsors Needed for Presidential Records Bill
    OPEN Government Act (S. 2427 / H.R. 1309)
    Congressional Research Accessibility Act (HR 2545)
    Public Access Policy to Require Access to NIH Research (S. 1710 / H.R. 3043)
    Budget Secrecy Provision in Transportation and Housing and Urban Development Appropriations bill (H.R. 3074)
    FOIA Secrecy Provision in the Farm, Nutrition, and Bioenergy Act of 2007 (H.R.2419)
    Emily Feldman joins Washington Affairs Office
    AALL President Ann T. Fessenden Testifies at LC Hearing
    AELIC Standards Adopted, Input Requested
    Comments Submitted on NARA’s Digitization Plan
    AALL Applauds the New PACER Pilot Project
    States Sue EPA over Toxic Release Inventory Rollback
    Sunshine Week 2008 Program: Save the Date!
    Robert C. Tapella Sworn in As the New Public Printer
    Jonathan Franklin Selected as International Copyright Advocate
    New Brief Filed in National Geographic Case
    SFALL members visit Legislative Branch Approps Subcommittee Chair
    LLOPS Members Testify for Free Print Versions of State Register
    CALL Members Provide Leadership on Digital Authentication and Permanent Public Access
    FREE TIME WELL SPENT: Further Reading for the Information Policy Junkie
    1.8 Million Pages of Federal Case Law to be Freely Available
    1.5 Million Book Digitized by Universal Digital Library
    Trends in Federal Courts Caseload Released
    The Role of Law Schools in Open Access to the Law
    Wisconsin Passes Law to Require Disclosure of Library User Data
    Stanford Launches Copyright Renewal Database
    ALA GODORT wants YOU to help Build the State Database Registry
    CREW Launches Collaborative Online Government Document Database
    Historical Society of the D.C
  • Washington Brief - March 2007

    Welcome to the 110th Congress
    Update on EPA Library Closures