Book Review: Picture Business Strategy


Christine Chopyak, Picture Your Business Strategy: Transform Decisions with the Power of Visuals.
McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing. ISBN: 9780071815024;  Hardcover $27, 135 pages.

(Review based on an uncorrected proof.)

If you need convincing that storytelling – both orally and graphically can improve the decision-making process, then this book fills that need. The book includes an extensive bibliography, with many of print titles available on the web. Not a typical law library book unless your organization is preparing for some business strategy planning, it is still be an important read for library leaders who seeking to improve the planning process.

An enjoyable read, this book nonetheless disappointed me because I expected greater emphasis on visuals, especially how to select the most appropriate graphic images to aid in the decision-making process. Chopyak does build a good case for the power of storytelling and images to help everyone to both understand the business plan and to stay on the plan.

Mark Estes is the Law Library Director of the Alameda County Law Library


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