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10/12/2012 12:26:38 PM

Highlights from MALL Markings, Volume 21, Issue 4

Volume 21, Issue 4 of MALL Markings, the publication of the Mid-America Association of Law Libraries, has been released. Two especially interesting articles in this issue come from the Creighton University Law Library. The first discusses creative ways to recycle obsolete, hardcover volumes. Two suggestions were donating volumes to high schools for use in art projects, and giving them away for targeting practice. Apparently hardcover law books hold up well to shotgun rounds.

The second article describes Creighton's project to digitize briefs filed in the Nebraska's Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. The article walks through workflow library staffs follows to scan the briefs and load the files into the school's institutional repository.

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10/4/2012 3:03:00 PM

Highlights from Summer 2012 Southeastern Law Librarian

The summer 2012 issue of the Southeastern Law Librarian, the publication of the Southeastern Chapter of AALL, has been released. In addition to organizational notices and reports, this issue contains a number of essays by recipients of SEAALL scholarships.

Clanitra Stewart writes about ProQuest Congressional and Legislative Insight and provides some tips for researchers. Endia Sowers discusses the pros and cons of law libraries using social media tools. Christine Napoleon  muses about social stereotypes of librarians and how real librarians deviate from those expectations. Finally, Teresa Kleitches has advice for library school students looking to become involved in the law library profession.

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10/4/2012 2:31:47 PM

Highlights from Fall 2012 MALL Newsletter

The fall 2012 issue of the MALL Newsletter, the publication of the Minnesota Association of Law Libraries, has been released. The most notable article in this issue is part two of Michael Hannon’s discussion of the University of Minnesota Law Library’s Clarence Darrow Digital Collection. The first part, from the last newsletter issue, was a general overview of the collection; this part uses documents from the collection to show Darrow’s connections to Minnesota.

The issue also contains a number of session reports from the AALL annual meeting in Boston. The reports are very thorough and will be great for those seeking synopses of sessions they missed.

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