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Government Sites

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Basics & Beyond

Select Non-Government Sites:
A Copyfighter's Musings:
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Copyright Clearance Center:
Copyright Website:
Franklin Pierce U.S. Patent Trademark Copyright:
Public Knowledge:
Securing Permission for Copyrighted Works: &
TechLaw Advisor:
UT System-Crash Course in Copyright:

News Sources, Listservs & Weblogs

BNA's Internet Law News: Edited by University of Ottawa law professor Michael Geist, BNA's free e-mail newsletter arrives fresh every business day with links to the top law and technology stories published on the Web.

Coalition for Networked Information Copyright Forum: CNI maintains an open listserv devoted to copyright issues, with archives available back to June 1992. Geared mostly to practitioners, the listserv can be a strong resource concerning cutting edge issues. Billing itself as "legal information for Internet professionals," GigaLaw posts news stories throughout the day and publishes an e-mail newsletter.

LawMeme: An interesting law and technology weblog that is published by Yale Law School's Information Society Project.

The New York Times Technology Section: The Old Gray Lady's Technology section does not break the most important stories, and its writers often regurgitate industry assertions without challenging them. The Technology section, however, remains influential because of its print sister's reputation. is the best independent source for technology news and developments. It consistently breaks news stories before other outlets report on them, and its comprehensive coverage of copyright issues is second to none. also maintains an extensive, free and searchable online story archive. Many copyright issues are reported by Declan McCullagh, Lisa Bowman, and John Borland.

Politechbot: Washington, D.C. writer and photographer Declan McCullagh is the chief political correspondent for CNet's (see 8, above), but he also maintains what is probably the nation's best technology listserv. The listserv is widely and followed by activists, government officials, and members of both sides of the copyright bar. McCullagh's handling of the listserv posts is consistent, accurate, fair and thorough. Published by the San Jose Mercury News, is the preeminent electronic news outlet affiliated with a major newspaper. While covers all issues related to the nation's information infrastructure and economy, this source is particularly important because of columnist Dan Gillmor. Gillmor is one of the nation's best technology writers, and he has consistently criticized recent copyright legislation such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act.

The Washington Post's Much of what applies to the Times and its online technology section applies here also, but the Post's does a better job of covering copyright legislative initiatives, and its "Tech Policy" section maintains a subsection that is exclusively devoted to stories on copyright issues.

Wired News: Probably the best online news source until Declan McCullagh moved to, Wired News remains a reliable outlet for copyright issues.

Select Blogs

Lessig Blog:

beSpacific: beSpacific is a new weblog and legal technology news outlet published by founder and editor Sabrina Pacifici. It succeeds's Newsstand, which was one of the Web's strongest news aggregation resources through its termination in December 2002.