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Charge: The Academic Law Libraries Special Interest Section (ALL-SIS) was established in 1979 to promote interests and address issues of common concern to those employed in academic law libraries. The SIS serves as the umbrella organization for all interests--administration, collection development, consortia, directors, fees for service, interlibrary loan, public services, technical services, and middle management. This organizational model recognizes that there is a place for all academic librarians in the SIS and provides opportunities for those with special expertise to contribute to the overall betterment of the larger group.

At the AALL Annual Meeting, the ALL-SIS hosts a reception for its members, sponsors a directors' workshop, a middle managers' workshop, and conducts a business meeting. The SIS is a consistent leader in the number of education programs and workshops it sponsors at the Annual Meeting. The ALL-SIS Newsletter, published three times per year, informs members of activities and resources of special interest to them. Because of the SIS's broad coverage and sub-topic focus, those not working in academic law libraries can benefit from membership and are encouraged to join.

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Roster of SIS Leadership:   2014 - 2015
Effective Date:  3/27/2015   | Previous Year | Current Year | Next Year
Position Member Name Term Date AALL Profile
Chair Christine Iaconeta 7/16/2014 to 7/21/2015 AALL Profile
Vice Chair Ms. Jocelyn Kennedy 7/16/2014 to 7/21/2015 AALL Profile
Member at Large Cynthia Guyer 7/17/2013 to 7/21/2015 AALL Profile
Secretary/Treasurer Susan David DeMaine 7/16/2014 to 7/19/2016 AALL Profile
Past Chair Lauren M. Collins 7/16/2014 to 7/21/2015 AALL Profile
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