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Social Responsibilities

Charge: Social Responsibilities SIS (SR-SIS) addresses issues of social change and social responsibility that are of concern to AALL members both personally and professionally by sponsoring education programs at the Annual Meetings and through the introduction of resolutions. Two active standing committees, Law Library Services to Institution Residents and the Standing Committee on Lesbian and Gay Issues, contribute to the work of the SIS. SR's publications include: Directory: Law Libraries Providing Services to Prisoners, Recommended Collections for Prisons and Other Institutions, Law Libraries and Sexual Orientation and the Law: A Selective Bibliography on Homosexuality and the Law, 1969 - 1993, and Sexual Orientation and the Law: A Research Bibliography Selectively Annotating Legal Literature Through 2005. Peroidic updates to this latest publication are done online at The SIS also publishes an electronic newsletter twice a year.

The forerunner of SR-SIS, the Contemporary Social Problems SIS, was approved by the AALL Executive Board in 1977. Its roots, however, can be traced back to the formation of the Conference of Concerned Law Librarians, which developed into the Committee on Contemporary Social Problems (formed in 1973). In 1981, CSP-SIS merged with the Law Library Service to Institution Residents SIS, retaining the Contemporary Social Problems title. CSP became the Social Responsibilities SIS in 1993.

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Roster of SIS Leadership:   2014 - 2015
Effective Date:  3/6/2015   | Previous Year | Current Year | Next Year
Position Member Name Term Date AALL Profile
Chair Mr. Charles A. Pipins, II 7/16/2014 to 7/21/2015 AALL Profile
Vice Chair Stacy Etheredge 7/16/2014 to 7/21/2015 AALL Profile
Secretary/Treasurer Liza Rosenof 7/16/2014 to 7/19/2016 AALL Profile
Past Chair Ms. Sarah Jaramillo 7/16/2014 to 7/21/2015 AALL Profile
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