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Legal Information Services to the Public


The Legal Information Services for the Public Special Interest Section of AALL (LISP) provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and information on improving access to legal information and promoting legal information services to the public. LISP also represents its members' interests and concerns within AALL.

LISP develops and sponsors programming, at the AALL annual meeting and elsewhere, on improving public access to legal information.

LISP promotes efforts to assist self represented litigants in accessing legal information. The SIS publishes the reference brochure, "How to Research a Legal Problem: A Guide for Non-Lawyers."

LISP encourages its members and local AALL chapters to present programs and workshops on legal research for the non-law librarian, to consult with public libraries on collection development, and to publish information about the availability of legal materials. The SIS publishes the Public Library Toolkit and state-specific toolkits designed to help public librarians understand the process of legal research and assist patrons in accessing legal information.

LISP promotes and encourages its members to partner with, and provide research assistance to, pro bono service providers, either through local AALL chapters or individually.

LISP awards the Kathy Garner Grant to provide AALL members with financial assistance to attend the AALL annual meeting.

Website URL: http://www.aallnet.org/sections/lisp
Newsletter: Legal Information Services to the Public Newsletter
Newsletter URL: http://www.aallnet.org/sections/lisp/Minutes-and-News
SIS Membership Roster: Click Here For a Full Roster of SIS Membership
Note: The full membership roster is available to AALL members only. The SIS roster page may be quite long and take a few moments to load.
Roster of SIS Leadership:  
Roster of Members:  
Position Member Name Term Date AALL Profile
Chair Ms. Heather Braithwaite Simmons 7/19/2017 to 7/17/2018 AALL Profile
Vice Chair Mr. Artie W. Berns 7/19/2017 to 7/17/2018 AALL Profile
Secretary/Treasurer Mrs. Sarah Shik Lamdan 7/19/2017 to 7/17/2018 AALL Profile
Past Chair Ms. Nicole Dyszlewski 7/19/2017 to 7/17/2018 AALL Profile