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Digitization and Educational Technology

Charge: AALL has been interested in technical developments that affect librarianship for many years. Originally, committees were assigned to monitor and report to the Executive Board and membership about developments and applications of audio and visual technology to law study and practice. As these developments have encompassed a wider variety of topics, more members have become involved. In 1979, the Micrographics and Audiovisual SIS was approved and the Audiovisual Committee's work shifted to the SIS. The stated objectives of the SIS are:

  1. To disseminate information in micrographic, audiovisual and other imaging formats;

  2. To further the continuing education of librarians in the areas of micrographics, audiovisuals and other electronic media;

  3. To promote the effective and creative use of micrographic and audiovisual technologies;

  4. To cooperate with similar special interest groups of other organizations such as the American Library Association's AV Committee.

The SIS currently has three working subcommittees: Audio/Video, Microform, and New Technologies. The subcommittees are designed to work on issues specific to their respective missions while meeting the objectives of the SIS. The SIS has a liaison with the ALA Audiovisual Committee and publishes a newsletter with articles concerning the development and application of media in law libraries.

Website URL: http://www.aallnet.org/sections/det
Newsletter: The Viewfinder
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SIS Membership Roster: Click Here For a Full Roster of SIS Membership
Note: The full membership roster is available to AALL members only. The SIS roster page may be quite long and take a few moments to load.
Roster of SIS Leadership:  
Roster of Members:  
Position Member Name Term Date AALL Profile
Chair Ms. Patricia Sayre-McCoy 7/19/2017 to 7/17/2018 AALL Profile
Vice Chair Ryan Overdorf 7/19/2017 to 7/17/2018 AALL Profile
Secretary/Treasurer Mr. Terrence McCormack 7/19/2017 to 7/17/2018 AALL Profile
Past Chair Ms. Laura E. Ray 7/19/2017 to 7/17/2018 AALL Profile