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Government Law Libraries

Charge: The Government Law Libraries SIS Special Interest Section (GLL-SIS), formerly the State, Court, & County Law Libraries SIS, was one of the first groups within AALL to be officially recognized as a Special Interest Section. Founded on July 3, 1973 in Seattle, Washington by two dozen law librarians from 17 states and Canada, it became an SIS on June 25, 1977. The purpose of GLL-SIS is to promote the value of member libraries and librarians to governing boards, internal and external customers, and funding bodies, and at the same time provide an ongoing mechanism for providing continuing educational benefits and advocacy for its diverse membership within the larger Association.

The SIS currently has more than 550 members representing federal, state, county, court and special law libraries. Annual business meetings are held at the AALL Conference along with numerous SIS-sponsored program offerings.

Programs and activities within the SIS include 12 standing committees and one joint committee reflecting a variety of interests including standards, web-based information services, marketing, education, trustee development and relations with the Judiciary. A series of four resource guides promoting member libraries and services are underway; two are already published. In addition, the SIS publishes electronic newsletters, value-added web site and an active listserv. Members participate at all leadership levels of the Association.

Membership in this SIS is open to any AALL member.
Website URL: http://www.aallnet.org/sections/gll
Newsletter: GLL News
Newsletter URL: http://www.aallnet.org/sections/gll/newsletter
SIS Membership Roster: Click Here For a Full Roster of SIS Membership
Note: The full membership roster is available to AALL members only. The SIS roster page may be quite long and take a few moments to load.
Roster of SIS Leadership:  
Roster of Members:  
Position Member Name Term Date AALL Profile
Chair Ms. Holly Gerber 7/19/2017 to 7/17/2018 AALL Profile
Vice Chair Ms. Joan M. Bellistri 7/19/2017 to 7/17/2018 AALL Profile
Board Member Ms. Nancy J. Adams 7/16/2014 to 7/19/2017 AALL Profile
Board Member Daniel B. Cordova 7/22/2015 to 7/18/2018 AALL Profile
Board Member Ms. Carol Ebbinghouse 7/20/2016 to 7/16/2019 AALL Profile
Board Member Mr. Robert Mead 7/19/2017 to 7/16/2019 AALL Profile
Secretary/Treasurer Mr. James G. Durham 7/20/2016 to 7/16/2019 AALL Profile
Past Chair Jennifer Dalglish 7/19/2017 to 7/17/2018 AALL Profile