Native Peoples Law Caucus


Directory 2006


NAME: Jennifer Bryan

TITLE: Documents Librarian

INSTITUTION: Indiana University School of Law Library

ADDRESS: 211 S. Indiana Ave., Bloomington, IN 47405-1001

PHONE NUMBER: 812-855-9666

FAX NUMBER: 812-855-7099



NAME: Nancy Carol Carter

TITLE: Legal Research Center Director and Professor of Law

INSTITUTION: University of San Diego

ADDRESS: 5998 Alcala Park, San Diego, CA 92110

PHONE NUMBER: 619-260-4603

FAX NUMBER: 619-260-4616



NAME: Gerald Clark

TITLE: Reference Librarian

INSTITUTION: San Francisco Law Library

ADDRESS: 401 Van Ness Ave., Room 400, San Francisco, CA 94102

PHONE NUMBER: 415-554-6821



NAME: Alison Ewing

TITLE: Head, Access Services & Reference Librarian

INSTITUTION: Arizona State University, Ross-Blakely Law Library

ADDRESS: P.O. Box 877806, Tempe, AZ 85387-7806

PHONE NUMBER: 480-965-4863

FAX NUMBER: 480-965-4283



NAME: Jolande Goldberg

TITLE: Senior Cataloging Policy Specialist for Law Classification

INSTITUTION: Library of Congress, Directorate for Cataloging

ADDRESS: James Madison Memorial Building Rm 642

101 Independence Ave., S.E., Washington, D.C. 20540-4300

PHONE NUMBER: 202-707-4386

FAX NUMBER: 202-707-6629



NAME: Michael Greenlee

TITLE: Access Services/Reference Law Librarian

INSTITUTION: Univerisity of Idaho Law Library

ADDRESS: P.O. Box 442324, 116 Menard Law Bldg., Moscow, ID, 83844-2324

PHONE NUMBER: 208-885-6521

FAX NUMBER: 208-885-2743



NAME: Mimi Greenwood

INSTITUTION: Modrall Sperling Roehl Harris & Sisk, P.A.

ADDRESS: 500 4th Street, N.W. Suite 1000, Albuquerque, NM 87102

PHONE NUMBER: 505-848-1880



NAME: George Grossman

TITLE: Director of the Law Library

INSTITUTION: University of California at Davis Law Library

ADDRESS: 400 Mrak Hall Dr., Davis, CA 95616-5203

PHONE NUMBER: 530-752-0548

FAX NUMBER: 530-7528766



NAME: Faye Hadley

TITLE: Native American Resources / Reference Law Librarian

INSTITUTION: Mabee Legal Information Center, University of Tulsa College of Law

ADDRESS: 3120 East 4th Place, Tulsa, OK 74104

PHONE NUMBER: 918-631-2457

FAX NUMBER: 918-631-3376



NAME: Julie Jones

TITLE: Research Attorney
INSTITUTION: Cornell Law Library
ADDRESS: Myron Taylor Hall, Ithaca, New York 14853

PHONE NUMBER: 607-255-5858
FAX NUMBER: 607-255-1357


NAME: Jacquelyn Kasper

TITLE: Reference/Government Documents Librarian and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Legal Research

INSTITUTION: Law Library, Rogers College of Law, University of Arizona

PHONE NUMBER: 520-626-7139

FAX NUMBER: 520-621-3138



NAME: Janet C. Katz

TITLE: Senior Reference Librarian & Faculty Services Coordinator

INSTITUTION: Harvard Law School Library

ADDRESS: Langdell Hall, Cambridge, MA 02138

PHONE NUMBER: 617-496-2126

FAX NUMBER: 617-496-9288



NAME: Lorraine Lester

TITLE: Assoc. Librarian, Collection Development

INSTITUTION: University of New Mexico Law School Library

ADDRESS: 1117 Stanford NE/ Albuquerque, NM 87131

PHONE NUMBER: 505 277-0932

FAX NUMBER: 505 277-0068



NAME: Judith Lihosit

INSTITUTION: San Diego Country Public Law Library

ADDRESS: 1105 Front St., San Diego, CA, 92101-3904 

PHONE NUMBER: 619-531-4436

FAX NUMBER: 619-239-1563



NAME: Pat Lopez

TITLE: Asst. Director for Public Services

NSTITUTION: San Diego Country Public Law Library

ADDRESS: 1105 Front St., San Diego, CA, 92101-3904 

PHONE NUMBER: 619-531-3900

FAX NUMBER: 619-238-7716



NAME: Lyonette Louis-Jacques

TITLE: Foreign & International Law Librarian & Lecturer in Law

INSTITUTION: University of Chicago D'Angelo Law Library

ADDRESS: 1121 East 60th St., Chicago, IL, 60637

PHONE NUMBER: 773-702-9612

FAX NUMBER: 773-702-2889



NAME: Monica Martens

TITLE: Assistant Law Librarian

INSTITUTION: National Indian Law Library / Native American Rights Fund

ADDRESS: 1522 Broadway, Boulder, CO, 80302

PHONE NUMBER: 303-447-8760

FAX NUMBER: 303-443-7776



NAME: Betsy McKenzie

TITLE: Director of Library & Prof.

INSTITUTION: Suffolk University Law School

ADDRESS:120 Tremont St ./ Boston, MA 02108-4977

PHONE NUMBER: (617) 573-8705

FAX NUMBER: (617) 723-3164



NAME: Judy Morgan

TITLE: Director, Law Library

NSTITUTION: Oklahoma City University Law Library

ADDRESS: 2501 N. Blackwelder, Oklahoma City, OK, 73106

PHONE NUMBER: 405-521-5062

FAX NUMBER: 405-521-5172



NAME: Marilyn K. Nicely

TITLE: Technical Services and American Indian Law Subject Specialist

INSTITUTION: University of Oklahoma Donald E. Pray Law Library

ADDRESS: 300 Timberdell Road, Norman, OK 73019

PHONE NUMBER: 405-325-4841

FAX NUMBER: 405-325-6282



NAME: Michael O'Brien

TITLE: Asst. Director for Technical Services

NSTITUTION: San Diego Country Public Law Library

ADDRESS: 1105 Front St., San Diego, CA, 92101-3904 

PHONE NUMBER: 619-685-6507

FAX NUMBER: 619-238-7706



NAME: Sandra Placzek

TITLE: Head of Public Services, Assoc. Prof. of Law Library

NSTITUTION: University of Nebraska - Lincoln, Marvin & Virginia Schmidt Law Library

ADDRESS: P.O. Box 830902

PHONE NUMBER: 402-472-8261

FAX NUMBER: 402-472-8260



NAME: Maria Protti

TITLE: Deputy City Attorney & Director of Libraries

INSTITUTION: City & County of San Francisco

ADDRESS: 1390 Market St. 6th Floor, San Fransisco, CA, 94102-5408

PHONE NUMBER: 415-554-4695

FAX NUMBER: 415-554-4757



NAME: Rosemarie Romano

TITLE: Access Services Librarian

INSITUTION: H. Douglas Barclay Law Library

ADDRESS: Syracuse University College of Law, Syracuse, NY 13244

PHONE NUMBER: 315-443-1706

FAX NUMBER: 315-443-9567



NAME: Naomi Ronen

TITLE: Reference Law Librarian

INSTITUTION: Harvard Law School Library, Langdell Hall

ADDRESS: 1545 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA, 02138

PHONE NUMBER: 617-495-4516

FAX NUMBER: 617-495-9288



NAME: Victoria A. Santana


TITLE: Electronic Services and Reference Librarian

INSTITUTION:Oklahoma City University Law Library

ADDRESS: 2501 North Blackwelder,Oklahoma City, OK 73106-1493

PHONE NUMBER: 405-521-5174

FAX NUMBER: 405-521-5172



NAME: April Schwartz

TITLE: Associate Director for Information Technology Services

NSTITUTION: University of Minnesota Law Library

ADDRESS: 229 19th Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55455 

PHONE NUMBER: 612-625-0173

FAX NUMBER: 612-625-3478



NAME: David Selden

TITLE: Law Librarian

INSTITUTION: National Indian Law Library / Native American Rights Fund

ADDRESS: 1522 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80302

PHONE NUMBER: 303-447-8760

FAX NUMBER: 303-443-7776



NAME: Randy Snyder

TITLE: Law Librarian

INSTITUTION: National Judicial College / National Tribal Judicial Center

ADDRESS: MS 358, Reno, NV 89557

PHONE NUMBER: 775-327-8277

800-255-8343 x277

FAX NUMBER: 775-784-8057



NAME: Sherri Thomas

TITILE: Visiting Law Librarian, Lecturer III

INSTITUTION: University of New Mexico Law School Library

ADDRESS: 1117 Stanford NE / Albuquerque, NM 87131

PHONE NUMBER: 505-277-2228

FAX NUMBER: 505 277-0068



NAME: Elizabeth Thweatt

TITLE: Head of Collections & Information Access

INSTITUTION: Gonzaga University School of Law Library

ADDRESS: 721 N. Cincinnati St., Spokane, WA 99220

PHONE NUMBER: 509-323-3754

FAX NUMBER: 509-323-5733



NAME: Gretchen E. Van Dam 


TITLE: Circuit Librarian

INSTITUTION: Library of the U.S. Courts, U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit

ADDRESS: 219 S. Dearborn St., Room 1637, Chicago, IL 60604

PHONE NUMBER: 312-435-5352

FAX NUMBER: 312-408-5031



NAME: June VanWingen

TITLE: Law Librarian

INSTITUTION: U.S. Attorney's Office W.D.-MI

ADDRESS: PO Box 208, 330 Ionia, Suite 501, Grand Rapids, MI 49501-0208

PHONE NUMBER: 616-456-2462 x 3050

FAX NUMBER: 616-456-2408