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Publishing Initiatives Caucus Mission Statement

The Publishing Initiatives Caucus is organized to:
  • Inspire and motivate law librarians to write articles for legal publications that are read by practicing attorneys, legal administrators, law professors, judges, and others in organizations that employ AALL members.    

  • Encourage publishing in publications as a way of promoting individual law librarians and the profession.

  • Partner on publication projects with AALL chapters, the three type-of-library SISs, the Public Relations Committee, and the Committee on the Economic Status of Law Librarianship.

  • Work cooperatively with other law-related groups interested in publishing articles by or about law librarians in their own publications.

  • Provide a forum for sharing tips on writing articles and having them accepted for publication.

  • Maintain a list of published articles, so that those on state-specific topics might be models for other AALL authors for publication in their own states and so that some articles might be re-purposed for printing in additional publications.