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Success Stories

The following are a few of the 'Success Stories' of fellow law librarians,
AALL Chapters and AALL SISs:

  • James G. Milles, Associate Dean for Information Services and Director of the Law Library at the University at Buffalo Law School in New York.    Librarian-Podcaster's Goal Is to Bring Scholarship 'Outside the Academy', New York Law Journal
    May 8, 2007.

Read his interview about podcasting at: http://www.law.com/jsp/llf/PubArticleLLF.jsp?id=1178541412838

  • Shirley Hart David, former Director of the Sacramento County Public Law Library, published a regular column in Sacramento Lawyer, the Sacramento County Bar Association's monthly magazine. As part of making sure that each new editor would continue her column, she became an advisor to the magazine when they established an Advisory Board.  Having the opportunity to participate in their meetings meant that she learned first hand the issues that were facing the Bar, since the Bar officers served as advisors as well.  She had opportunities to suggest topics and authors and became an integral member of the legal community.

    Read her 'Law Library News' columns in back issues of the Sacramento Lawyer at:

    Read a profile of her and see her on the cover of the July/August 2004 issue of the Sacramento Lawyer at:

  • Jaye Lapachet, Library Manager at Coblenz, Patch, Duffy and Bass LLP in San Francisco worked with David Howley of The Recorder to develop and provide him with a list of local law librarians and their areas of expertise. This list is intended to be used by The Recorder when they need to get a quote or opinion on any law library related issues.