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Cadence Group - Information Specialists, Analysts and Supervisors

Posted: April 7, 2014

Cadence Group is a woman-owned consulting firm, specializing in information management.   Cadence Group has a long history of helping clients easily obtain and manage information tailored to specific needs.  We are currently looking for Information Specialists, Analysts and Supervisors to join a dynamic and rapidly growing team.    

Two years experience organizing, analyzing, indexing and abstracting content.  Functional responsibilities may include but are not limited to: Analyzes content and accurately assigning keywords or topics using a taxonomy or controlled vocabulary.  Creates summaries or abstracts of content as required.  Assigns all required meta-data and inputs in the appropriate format.  Organizes and sorts original materials as needed.  Works with paper and electronic content.  Additional responsibilities may include: Scanning materials and creating image copies. Performing quality checks on scanned images, and supporting records center projects.   Performing routine tagging of digitized materials and quality controls reviews.>

SUPERVISOR-three to four years supervisory experience having oversight of an information management setting such as a digital information center, library, or records center.

To apply go to www.cadence-group.com

For additional placement information, contact:

Miriam Campell
Dekalb County Law Library

Please send resumes to the addresses provided in the ads.