Membership Categories

AzALL membership runs from June 1 to May 30 of each year. Renewals are due July 1. Renewals received after August 31 will be assessed a $2.50 late charge. From December 1 to May 30, dues will be prorated by half the annual amount. Dues paid after April 1 will be credited to the next year. Please note: PayPal now passes along a usage fee of 2.9% of the amount paid plus $0.30.

Individual Member*

Any person interested in law librarianship who is currently employed or has been employed within the last seven years (at least 30 percent of full time) to perform professional work in either a law library, a state library, or a general library having a separately maintained law section, or in an organization providing professional librarian services to law libraries, and who lives or works in Arizona. Such membership cannot be transferred or assigned. Dues: $30.

Institutional Member**

Any law library, state library, or institution having a separately maintained law library may become an institutional member. Such membership cannot be transferred or assigned. Designated institutional members shall have all the rights and privileges of individual members. The librarian shall designate the institutional members. At any time, the librarian may transfer the designated institutional membership to other full-time staff members. Dues: $30 per designated member.

Institutional Associate Member

Any institution not eligible to become an institutional member shall become an institutional associate member. Such membership cannot be transferred or assigned: however, the institution may redesignate individuals. Dues: $30.

Retired Member

Any person who meets each of the following requirements: (1) retired from library work; (2) retired from full time employment; (3) was an individual or designated institutional member for a total of more than 10 consecutive years in the association; and (4) is 62 years old or older. Dues: $5.

Student Member

Any student enrolled at least half-time in a degree program related to law librarianship and not employed more than half-time in a library position shall become a student member, provided that membership in this category is limited to four (4) consecutive years. Dues: $5.

* An individual member is one who pays dues by personal check.

** An institutional member is one whose dues are paid by the employer.