Bylaws Committee


Responsibilities include accepting (from President, Executive Board or membership, pursuant to the Bylaws) requests for proposed amendments; reviewing petitions for compliance with Bylaws; drafting proposed amendments; arranging with Secretary for required notice to membership and preparation of ballots; basic understanding of parliamentary procedures; preparation of a brief, functional manual or outline of common parliamentary procedures; preparation of annual report, including review of Association procedures or recurring problems.


The Committee is composed of a Chairperson and two or three committee members.


  1. Evaluate the Bylaws in its entirety on an on-going basis; and make certain they conform to the requirements of the American Association of Law Libraries.
  2. Determine if further changes to the Bylaws are needed in light of changes in AALL membership categories, or special local conditions, as requested by the President or Executive Board action.
  3. Investigate how other Chapters handle Executive Board vacancies.
  4. Evaluate AzALL Bylaws in relation to incorporation requirements.
  5. Review and compare the AzALL Bylaws with the model set forth by AALL.
  6. Review resolutions and motions referred by the President or the Executive Board for compliance with AzALL's Bylaws.
  7. Where requested, act as parliamentarian for AzALL, the Executive Board and/or various committees.


  1. Calls and presides at the Committee's meetings.
  2. Acts as Liaison to AALL's Bylaws Committee.
  3. In the event the Executive Board Liaison is not at a particular meeting, informs him/her of activities.
  4. At least once a year, reports on committee progress to the members and appears before the Board to report on progress or problems and to observe the Board in session.
  5. Writes an official Annual Report of the Committee's activities with suggestions of changes, problems, or ideas to pass to the next Chairperson.
  6. Updates and makes corrections to Committee pages in the AzALL Handbook for Officers and Committee Chairs, returns revised Handbook to the Secretary at the Annual Meeting. (The Handbook will be supplied to the Chair by the President.)
  7. Forwards copies of all official documents to the Archives Committee, particularly seminar materials.
  8. Acts, when requested, as AzALL's parliamentarian.
  9. Sends copies of all official bylaws text to the Secretary. To aid the chair in this function, this chair should receive minutes of the Executive Board meetings and membership meetings at which action is taken on amendments to the Bylaws.