Nominations, Grants and Awards Committee


The Nominations, Grants & Awards Committee is responsible for nominating good people to run for AzALL office. The nominees must be willing to accept the challenge and commitment of that office. The Committee is also responsible for drafting guidelines for awarding grants to AzALL members, for attending AzALL, AALL, and other relevant Library Association seminars and meetings; drafting guidelines for awards of one-year AALL memberships; assisting in promotion of grants program; accepting applications for and awarding grants; investigating outside sources for funding grants program; investigating feasibility of law library scholarship and/or internship program. The Committee has the added responsibility of deciding a recipient of the "AzALL Distinguished Member Award."


The Committee is made up of at least three members, none of whom are candidates for office at the next following election, nor are they eligible for the distinguished member award while on this Committee. The Vice President/President Elect is an ex-officio non-voting member of the Nominations part. No two members shall be employed by the same employer. Committee members are not eligible for awards during the year in which they serve.


Part 1: Nominations

  1. The Nominating Committee shall prepare a notice to members soliciting suggestions for candidates.
  2. The Committee shall review the qualifications of candidates on the basis of previous Association service, library experience, leadership, and time requirements to fulfill the responsibilities of office.
  3. The Committee shall approach proposed candidates for their consent before submitting the names for formal nomination.
  4. The Committee shall submit the names of the candidates within the time limits set in the Bylaws and with sufficient time to let the membership be informed. A name or names shall be submitted for each office except President (unless the current Vice President cannot assume the office of President, in which case, a name or names shall also be submitted for that office).
  5. The Committee Chairperson shall present the candidates at the meeting at which elections are to be held and call for nominations from the floor.
  6. If ballots are necessary, the Nominating Committee should assist the Secretary in conducting the election.

Part 2: Awards


AzALL has established an award to be presented annually to one of it's members, recognizing outstanding service to AzALL and/or law librarianship.


The criteria are borrowed from the AALL Distinguished Service Award. Specifically, AzALL recognizes "achievement in a particular area of law librarianship, service to the Association, and/or the legal community, or contributions to the professional literature." The individual must be a member of AzALL.


This award shall be known as the "AzALL Distinguished Member Award."




Part 3: Grants

Grant Applications

The Executive Board, in consultation with the Grants Committee, determines the type, number, and amount of grants to be awarded. The Board may determine not to award grants for any given year.

The following priorities govern the determination of the type and number of grants to be awarded during the fiscal year:

  1. AALL Annual Meeting, Institute, or Workshop registration.
  2. AALL Annual Meeting, Institute or Workshop travel expenses.
  3. AALL Membership.
  4. AzALL sponsored or other relevant Library Association seminars or meetings.
  5. Law library scholarship or internship program.

Membership Notification and Schedules

Notification to the membership of the type and number of grants to be awarded shall be published no later than the January issue of the AzALL Newsletter. A schedule of deadlines, application forms, and application conditions should accompany this notification.

Selection of Recipients

Upon receipt of completed applications, the Chairperson shall distribute one copy of each application to each member of the Committee.

Factors such as suitability of the educational activity, financial need of the applicant, service record of the applicant in AzALL and AALL, and potential benefit to AzALL shall be considered in weighing each application. Applications shall be rated according to the following criteria and ranking formula:

The applicant with the highest total rating shall receive the grant applied for.

Where two or more grants are designated for the same category, the applicant(s) with the next highest rating(s) shall receive the additional grant(s) until the allotted grants are filled. In the event of a tie between or among applicants, the award shall be evenly divided between or among them when reasonable to do so. Otherwise, the applicant first in time to apply shall be awarded the grant.

A waiting list of applicants, ranked by rating, shall be kept. Applicants on the waiting list shall be notified of their status.

In the event an applicant is awarded an additional grant from another source and so notifies the Committee, such additional grant shall not preclude the award of AzALL grant.

Selection and notification of recipients shall be completed within three weeks of the closing date for applications. Incomplete applications and those postmarked after the published deadline shall be returned as ineligible.

Awards must carry the unanimous approval of the Committee.

Distribution, Accounting, and Reporting of Awards

Upon selection, the Chairperson shall notify the recipient(s) and request a written acceptance of the award. The Chairperson shall notify the Treasurer requesting disbursement of the award(s).

In the event the recipient is unable to use the grant, it shall be returned to the Treasurer forthwith.

If the grant was awarded for a seminar, workshop, institute, etc., a brief analysis and summary of the program shall be submitted to the Chairperson for inclusion in the AzALL Newsletter.

AzALL Nominations, Grants and Awards Committee Timeline


Nominations — President announces at the meeting that the committee is accepting nominations for AzALL officers and board members. Self-nominations or nominations by members are welcomed. Please contact a member of the committee. Notice is put into the December newsletter.

Awards — Same procedure as above. Announcement and notice that the committee is accepting nominations for the AzALL Distinguished Member Award. Letters of recommendation should specify nominee's contributions to AzALL and be mailed or faxed to the committee.

Grants — Same procedure as above. Announcement and notice that the committee is awarding grants. The Executive Board will inform the committee of the amount of money available for grants. The committee will decide how many grants to award to AALL and whether to award any grants to SWALL. Grant applications must be received by March 1. Mail or fax the grant application to the chair of the committee. The grant application, regulations, conditions and limitations should be published in the December newsletter.


Same announcements made by the President should be repeated at the January meeting.


Nominations — Committee selects potential slate of candidates — Approval obtained from President-Elect. Potential candidates are asked if they are willing to be nominated. Slate is given to the President. Same announcements are made for nominations & grants as in December.


Nominations — Biographies of candidates published in newsletter. Slate announced at the meeting and nominations from the floor are accepted.

Awards — March 1st is the deadline for nominations. Committee meets to select the recipient. Committee obtains executive board approval of the recipient.

Grants — March 1st is the deadline for receiving applications for grants. Committee meets and selects recipients of grants by March 10th. Committee informs recipients.


Nominations — Elections


Awards — Award presented at AzALL Luncheon


Recipients of Awards and Grants published in the newsletter

AzALL Grant Regulations, Conditions, and Limitations

The purpose of the AzALL Grants Program is to financially assist librarians who hold promise of future involvement in the law library profession. Preference will be given to newer, active members of AzALL or newer, active members of AALL. The type and number of grants are determined annually by the Executive Board in consultation with the Grants Committee. The applicant must be a current, paid member of AzALL at the time of filing an application. A member may be awarded only one grant during the Association's fiscal year which runs from May lst through April 30th. Incomplete applications and those postmarked after the deadline will be returned as ineligible for consideration. All funds awarded must be used for the designated grant. The applicant shall notify the Grants Committee of the amount and nature of any additional funding to be received from an employer after the application is filed or grant awarded.

If awarded a grant to attend any programs or course of study, the recipient shall submit to the committee a brief, descriptive evaluation of the program which will be printed in the AzALL Newsletter. The grant must be repaid to the Association if it cannot be spent as stipulated or if a recipient cannot attend the program for which the grant is made. The grant is neither cumulative nor transferable. The applicant may apply if s/he has been an AzALL/PAALL grant recipient in a prior year, but priority will be given to those applicants who have never attended an AALL/SWALL meeting, institute, or workshop. A previous grant recipient may be awarded successive grants to the same type of activity only when such recipient is the sole applicant and has not also been the recipient of another AzALL grant within that fiscal year. A recipient will be awarded no more than two AzALL grants within a four year period.

In the event there are no qualifying applicants for a designated grant, the unused allotted funds shall be retained or disbursed at the discretion of the Executive Board and Grants Committee. Unused allotted funds may be used to increase awards in other grant categories. All committee decisions are subject to approval by the Executive Board.