Job News and Placement Committee


Responsibilities include acquiring and publicizing placement information from employers, AALL, etc., and resumes from those seeking law library positions; coordinating local placement clearinghouse; acquiring surveys and other data on salary structures; acquiring collection of law library job descriptions for the various types of libraries.


The Committee is made up of a Chairperson and two or three additional members.


Make appropriate use of the so-called "Generic Placement Procedures Manual" available from AALL; and, in addition:

  1. Requests from individuals:
    1. These will normally come to the attention of the Placement Chair, via phone or mail.
      • By phone: the Job seeker should be informed of the placement procedure(s) and asked to send copies of his or her resume.
      • By mail: the Chair should respond as soon as possible with a form letter to the individual explaining what will be done with the resume and what the Chapter procedures are for placement. If no resume was included, a request for one should be included in the letter.
    2. Resumes:
      • When received, these are placed in an "Available" folder and retained.
    3. Placement Information:
      • Copies of all available positions, both local and national, should be mailed to the individual requestor. The individual is requested to notify the Placement Committee Chair if a position is accepted.
  2. Requests from employers:
    1. When employers contact the Committee, the Committee will ask for (i) a job description, or (ii) enough information to put a short notice together.
    2. The Committee will send the employer the available list of resumes, or, upon request, post notice of the position in the appropriate AzALL publication.
    3. The Committee will periodically notify the people whose resumes are on file of positions which are open.
    4. The employer is requested to notify the Placement Committee when a position has been filled.
  3. Advertising: The Committee will make sure job announcements are available to interested members through AzALL publications or by mail.


  1. The Chair makes him- or herself known to the legal community.
  2. Works to become a source of information about all aspects of job seeking and employment, both locally and nationally.
  3. Serve as liaison between AzALL's Placement Committee and AALL's Placement Committee.