Membership Committee


Responsibilities include assistance in developing an on-going program to increase AzALL membership; development of a standard membership "packet" to send to prospective members; promoting AALL membership, particularly among AzALL members; investigating feasibility of promoting sustaining membership program; coordinating efforts with Treasurer, Public Relations and Newsletter. Compiles AzALL electronic Directory which is the official membership listing of the Arizona Association of Law Libraries.


The Membership Committee shall consist of a minimum of three members appointed annually by the President. In addition, the Treasurer shall automatically be a member, but not the Chair of the Committee.


1) In General

The Membership Committee is responsible for maintaining and disseminating accurate AzALL membership records, answering inquiries about AzALL membership and recruiting new AzALL members; sending a standardized membership "packet" to new members; and promoting AALL and SWALL membership, particularly among AzALL members.

2) Membership Records

  1. Maintains the official membership list of the Association.
  2. Assigns membership categories in accordance with the AzALL Bylaws.
  3. One month after membership renewals are due, produces a new list and send to the President and other committees/officers as requested.
  4. As new memberships/renewals are received, sends monthly memos to the President.
  5. Obtains biographical information on new members and supplies to the members.
  6. Prepares annual renewal form and submits to webmaster for publication in June. (Dues to be sent directly to the Membership Chair.)
  7. Sends reminders to members who have not renewed their dues.

3) Membership Directory

  1. In General:
    1. Produce the membership directory.
    2. Review present format and methods of production.
    3. Update Committee records to reflect changes that have occurred.
    4. Send out annual library information survey and compile results to include in the Directory.
    5. Arrange for publication and distribution of the Directory and review potential funding sources.
    6. Proof the Directory by having two members of the Committee check for inconsistencies and errors.
    7. Submit final copy of Directory to printer by January 1 (a reasonable estimate of when it can be completed this year).
    8. Include the following information in the Directory:
      1. Introduction and history of AzALL.
      2. Officers for the current year.
      3. A description of AzALL Committees.
      4. A listing of Committee members.
      5. The AzALL Constitution, Bylaws, and Guidelines.
      6. Membership categories.
      7. Membership list by individual.
      8. Membership list by Institution/with library information.
      9. Membership application (depending on timing of publication).
  2. The Directory shall be distributed as follows:
    1. The AzALL Directory is distributed to all AzALL members.
    2. New members paying dues after distribution will receive either an original or a copy of the Directory sent with other AzALL information by the Membership Committee.
  3. The AzALL Directory may be produced by voluntary or professional means, in paper or on disc, depending upon budgetary constraints. Funding will be provided from either vendors, the membership or from the AzALL treasury. It is the duty of the Committee to ascertain funding sources for the Directory.

4) Membership Recruitment

  1. Answers inquiries regarding membership in AzALL.
  2. Recruits members for AzALL through annual renewal and special campaigns as needed.
  3. Promotes AzALL membership in the Arizona legal and library communities.
  4. Promotes AALL and SWALL membership, particularly among AzALL members.
  5. Sends letter of welcome to new members as part of a standardized packet. (At a minimum, the packet should include the welcome letter, current directory, brochure, and recent AzALL Newsletter).


Committee Chair submits an annual report to the Association. Included with the report will be the final membership list for the year.