Public Relations Committee


Responsible for promoting AzALL and its services and events. Prepares and periodically revises AzALL brochure. Plans booths and/or other promotions for local Bar Association and other conventions and meetings. Develops contacts with other local law-related organizations. Closely coordinates efforts with membership committee. Promotes AALL and coordinats with AALL Public Relations Committee.


This Committee is composed of a Chairperson and two additional members.


  1. Propose methods of informing both the local and library communities and the community at large about law librarians and law librarianship.
  2. Explore further opportunities for displaying AzALL or AALL exhibits, such as at college "career days"; at local library organization conferences and at other legal Association meetings held in the Phoenix area.
  3. Explore ways to work with the local Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA).
  4. Arrange staffing, in conjunction with AALL Headquarters, for the AALL booth whenever it is exhibited in Phoenix.
  5. Revise, update and make printing arrangements for the AzALL Brochure and its annual insert.
  6. Meet with the Membership Committee to discuss and coordinate AzALL membership drives and publicity and to arrange for the distribution of the AzALL Brochure.


  1. Calls and presides at the Committee's meetings.
  2. In the event the Liaison is not at a particular meeting, informs him/her of activities.
  3. At least once a year, reports on Committee progress and appears before the Board to report on progress or problems and to observe the Board in session.
  4. Writes an official Annual Report of the Committee's activities with suggestions of changes, problems, or ideas to pass to the next Chairperson.
  5. Updates and makes corrections to Committee pages in the AzALL Handbook for Officers and Committee Chairs; returns revised Handbook to the Secretary at the Annual Meeting. (The Handbook will be supplied to the Chair by the President.)
  6. Forwards copies of all official documents to the Archives Committee, particularly seminar materials.