Legal Services to the Public Committee


The Legal Services to the Public Committee's basic function is to carry out the charge delegated to it, and any additional matters especially referred to it.

This Committee has a commitment to the public library sector, to the academic and private communities, and to government libraries, as well as to law libraries. Its broad responsibility necessitates the planning and presentation of programs and activities that will interest a wide diversity of patrons.


The Committee is made up of a Chair appointed by the President and three to four additional members to be chosen from the various types of libraries represented in AzALL.


A. Guidelines

  1. The Committee plans and implements activities, including a program presentation, to be successfully achieved before the end of the fiscal year.
  2. The Committee assesses financial needs, and budgets for implementation of activities and programs.
  3. The Committee submits a final accounting with the annual report to the Board.
  4. The Committee coordinates plans and activities with other committees as appropriate or necessary.
  5. The Committee fully involves all of its members in Committee activities, making maximum use of their expertise.

B. Procedures

  1. Holds meetings as needed.
  2. Coordinates meeting times to give the Executive Board time for consideration and notification to membership of any necessary business.
  3. Informs the President, Board, and membership of the Committee's work and progress.
  4. Maintains financial records of income and expenses.
  5. Maintains well-organized files to pass on to new Committee.
  6. Prepares basic plan as foundation for next year's program.
  7. Submits to the Board an official annual report, summarizing activities and accomplishments, with suggestions for changes or additions to Committee plans and rules as appropriate.


  1. Calls and conducts Committee meetings as needed.
  2. Maintains contact with Executive Board liaison person, reporting on Committee activities. Acts as AzALL liaison with AALL's Legal Services to the Public SIS.
  3. Keeps current financial records of income and expenses, with receipts.
  4. Compiles files to pass on to succeeding Committee Chairperson.
  5. Reports on activities and progress in the bulletin, and in person to the Board, at least once each year, observing Board in session.
  6. Prepares and submits to the Board a final report summarizing the year's activities.
  7. Forwards copies of official documents to Archives Committee, including any seminar materials.
  8. Updates and corrects AzALL Handbook for Officers and Committee Chairs.
  9. Strives to motivate Committee members to maximum commitment and participation.