Publications Committee


Responsibilities include editing and publishing AzALL NEWS; encouraging contributions of articles, bibliographies, columns, etc. from members; coordinating exchange of newsletters with other Chapters and distributing newsletter to AALL offices; coordinating exchange of newsletters with other local associations; providing for newsletter subscriptions to nonmembers; investigating feasibility of expansion and new formats; investigating feasibility of accepting advertising.


The Chair of the Committee is the Editor of the Newsletter. There should be at least three additional Committee members. There should be a Business/Advertising manager who would act as assistant to the Editor/Chair.


  1. Arrange for and supervise publication of the Newsletter and Newsletter Announcements.
  2. To be included in the Newsletter:
    • Items of interest to the general membership;
    • Executive Committee reports;
    • Board minutes and business meeting minutes as appropriate;
    • Annual reports of Committees, or summaries thereof;
    • Placement information and job notices; and
    • Other materials as deemed appropriate by the Executive Board.
  3. Determine the publication schedule, with the assistance of the Executive Board. Let this schedule be known and set appropriate deadlines.
  4. Arrange for and set advertising rates.


  1. The Chair of the Committee is the Editor of the Newsletter. The Editor may designate someone else to act in his/her place to chair Committee meetings.
  2. The Chair coordinates activities with the Chairs of other Committees so that announcements of Chapter and/or Committee activities can be announced to the membership; e.g.:
    • Coordinates with the Nominations Committee to publish the slate of officers, and other appropriate candidate information in a timely manner; or
    • Works with the Membership Committee to print corrections and/or updates to the Directory; etc.
  3. The Editor has discretion over format and content of the Newsletter subject to approval or recommendation of the Executive Board.