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30th Anniversary, October 2007 - University of Denver Law School


Audio file of presentations (31:55 minutes)

CoALL Trivia Quiz



Kathy Carlson and Wayne DeRaad welcome guests

Mariann Storck and Georgia Briscoe

Barb Allen and Sergio Stone

Gay Roesch

Holly Pinto, Jennifer Hammond, Mariann Storck

Tracy Leming, Ann-Marie Wills, Jennifer Hammond, Tom Duggan

Gary Alexander, Robert Linz, Dan Cordova

Mark Estes and Dorothy Norbie

Tracy Leming, Rachel Kuipers, Esti Shay, Catharine Cott

Sergio Stone, Martha and Bill Keister, Tom Seward

Mariann Storck and Tom Seward

Fran Campbell

Linda Rose and Georgia Briscoe

Cathy Eason, Goldie Burton, Mary Killoran

Sue Weinsten and Paul Rothman

Lois Calvert speaking

Al Coco and Karen Selden

Dan Cordova, Barb Allen, Martha Campos

Gary Alexander, Sylvia Hall-Ellis, Stacey Bowers

Group shot

Mark Estes speaking

Karen Selden handing out certificates to past presidents

More past presidents

Watching the presentation

All past presidents in attendance

Marcy Dunning and Judy Goater

Jennifer Hammond and Caryl Shipley




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