From Our President
Georgia Briscoe


Since you should receive this Scuttle at the end of December 1999, I'll bet you are expecting a really inspiring, thought-provoking and challenging message from your CoALL Chairperson at this significant time in history. I've been working on those thoughts for a few days now but nothing very inspiring is coming to mind. It's sort of like the Y2K phenomenon-I just want it to be over.

As the year wears down, the days become shorter, the nights longer and darker, I've saved a few extra cans of food in my cupboard, put fresh batteries in my flashlight and I will see that my checkbook is balanced so I know how much is supposed to be in my account to start the new millennium. At my library, we are of course taking all the precautions: making our lists, checking them twice, got to find out who's naughty and nice-whoops, I mean Y2K compatible and not.

As the year turns and we move into the new millennium, nature and machines conspire to remind us of our mortality. In our modem, enlightened world, the digitization of time may take its revenge because we have forced Father Time (no, Mother Time!) into a box. I find it is especially nice that CoALL doesn't have any machines to worry about. Our strength is in the time we spend on our relationships. Lest we forget, our bylaws tell us our objectives are to "promote librarianship, develop and increase the usefulness of law libraries, cultivate the science of law librarianship, and foster a spirit of cooperation among the members of the profession."

In the olden days, when time was not marked in digits and stuffed in a box, it was more significantly marked with holy days, feasts, celebrations, commemorations, and honored as "the year of our Lord". May your move into the new millennium and your holiday be significant and bring meaning and joy to your life and to CoALL's.

Best Wishes!