October 29, 1999; Supreme Court and State Law Library, Montgomery

Minutes of the Fall 1999 LLAA Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m. by Preston Payton, Secretary, the president, Terry Psarras, and vice president, Katie Moellering, being unable to attend, and a quorum being present.

The reading of the minutes of the last meeting was dispensed with (interested parties may find them in the Fall 1999 LLAA Newsletter).

The first order of business was a report from the By-Laws Committee regarding a proposal made in the last meeting to amend our by-laws to extend the term of the treasurer, it being perceived that the job functions best when there is continuity, and therefore a single, one-year term is inadequate. This concern arose when the post of treasurer passed from Linda Hand to Gary Lewis, necessitating the moving of accounts, etc., which proved to be somewhat onerous. The committee, Virginia Hare and Janice Franks, reported that because any changes would have to be approved by AALL, they had sent the new language in to obtain that approval before they published it for the membership to consider, and that proposed changes to the by-laws must be made available to the membership at least ten days before any vote is taken on their adoption, so this meeting could discuss, but not approve, the changes. The proposal called for the term of the treasurer to be "extended," prompting John Hightower to ask for clarification, suggesting that the change added ambiguity where there was none. A discussion ensued, as various aspects of the proposal were discussed. A call for a vote for the sense of the membership on this question was made by John H. and seconded by David Clark. The motion (that the committee should continue to work on this) was carried without opposition.

There being no other Old Business mentioned, the call was issued for New Business. C.J. Jones asked for ideas for new programs to be submitted to him or other members of the Continuing Education/Program Committee (Tim Lewis, David Clark). The membership seemed interested in trying to meet with the Special Libraries Association, our first attempt having been washed out by the hurricane. C.J. said that if a joint meeting were to be scheduled, information about it could be published in the next newsletter. David C. said he had some ideas to discuss in committee, such as whether programs must be strictly on law librarianship, or could more general topics, such as decision analysis, be presented. C.J. noted that the last presenter of this meeting would be a motivational speaker, and agreed that some other topics could be relevant, such as accounting, as in accounting for CD-ROM billing (he mentioned the program Online Lookup as a possible topic). Janice F. said she would be interested in a program on knowledge management. John H. suggested a program on library furniture might be helpful, and congratulated the committee on the fine programs presented today, which he judged "extremely valuable."

There being no other New Business, Gary reminded the Chair that he had not yet delivered his Treasurerís Report, and he was recognized for this purpose. As of the end of September, we had $3,401.04 in the savings account and $322.07 in the checking account, with $230 outstanding to pay for this meeting (if I heard correctly). The report being accepted, the Chair entertained a motion for adjournment, which was made (by David C.), seconded (by Janice), and carried (by acclamation).

The meeting adjourned at 1:45 p.m.

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