November 10, 2000; State Law Library, Montgomery, AL

Minutes of the Fall 2000 LLAA Meeting

Called to order: 10:15 A.M., by President Katie Moellering, who thanked everyone responsible for setting up the meeting, especially Judy Hughes, Tim Lewis, and Lori Martin; who gave individual presentations on law library trends in their respective areas of expertise (academic, government, and private practice). She also thanked Diedra Payne and LEXIS for providing breakfast.

Attendees: (information unavailable)

Treasurer's Report: Presented by Gary Lewis, Treasurer.


Secretary David Clark read the minutes of the last meeting (12 May 2000), which were approved by acclamation.

Secretary Regarding the matter of distribution of the newsletter via e-mail, Katie passed around a list of the members and asked that everyone check their information and provide their e-mail addresses. Katie announced that she and Vice-President Helen Mellett would split up the list and contact all those not present to ask for their permission to add their phone numbers and e-mail addresses to a directory on the web site.

Katie asked for any committee reports. There were none.


Gary Lewis proposed that we merge the price of lunch for the two annual meetings ($10 each) into the present dues ($10) and charge $25 per person, per year. The proposal will save duplication of effort in creating both lunch and dues receipts at each meeting and will, in addition, save members at least $5.00 per year. Discussion followed. Helen Bush Caver moved that the proposal be adopted. Virginia Hare seconded the motion. The motion was later amended by Helen Bush Caver to reflect that if there is ever a third meeting during any given year, the attendees will pay an additional $10 for lunch for that meeting. The motion was passed by a show of hands. The new dues procedure will be implemented at the spring 2001 meeting.

Former President Terry Psarras has moved to Florida, leaving vacant the positions of webmaster, listserv manager, and newsletter editor. Katie and David Clark volunteered to co-manage the web site, with the technical assistance of Jim Eyler. Jim Eyler volunteered to manage the listserv. Tim Lewis and his staff volunteered to take responsibility for the newsletter.

In response to a question about how members could find contact information about other members, Katie announced that she and David Clark would put the master membership directory on the web site and would also ask to have it published in the spring newsletter. 

Katie asked about the correct procedure for deciding on expenditures of Chapter funds, as the bylaws appear to be silent on the issue. Virginia Hare pointed out that the bylaws are structured by the AALL. Katie asked that the bylaws committee look into the matter and have a proposal prepared for the spring meeting. Preston Payton asked that the proposal be published ahead of the meeting and Katie agreed, stating that it would be published in the spring newsletter. Gary Lewis asked that, as Treasurer, he be included on the committee. Katie agreed.

Katie next surveyed the attendees about their expectations for the program content of future meetings, e.g.; should we be providing legal research seminars? Should we be doing things that other chapters are doing? She suggested surveying the membership via the listserv.

She also asked everyone present to sign up with the listserv and suggested that everyone listed in the membership directory be asked to sign up as well. It was noted that the instructions for signing up for the listserv are located on the web site.

Katie next informed the attendees of the upcoming William S. Hein & Company-sponsored ping pong tournament. Hein will donate a table and equipment to local chapters for the purpose of conducting competitions preparatory to each chapter sending their best players to a tournament at the 2001 AALL Conference in Minneapolis. Discussion followed. Sirote & Permutt and Bradley, Arant, Rose, & White were both mentioned as possible locations for holding local competitions; with the table being donated to a local charity afterward.

Tim Lewis moved that we accept Hein's offer. Lori Martin and Helen Bush Caver seconded the motion, which was passed by Katie said she would contact the Hein Company for details.

Two new LLAA members were introduced: Asma Alwan, Administrative Assistant at Talladega College; and Lucille Cowsen, Data Entry Clerk at Talledega College.

Meeting adjourned: 12:55 P.M.

NEXT MEETING: Friday, 4 May 2001, 9:30 A.M. -- 2:30 P.M., at Sirote & Permutt, 2311 Highland Ave. S., Birmingham, Alabama. 

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