November 19, 2004; Cumberland School of Law, Birmingham

Minutes of the Fall 2004 LLAA Meeting

1:30 pm Becky Clapp, President called the LLAA business meeting to order

Creighton Miller made a motion to waive reading of minutes. Virginia Hare seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Old Business:
Becky Clapp commended Mandy Haddin on the website noting that it was up-to-date. Becky stated that people need to check the web site for committee assignments, meeting minutes and news.

The nomination committee will be the same as last year. The members are Tim Lewis, Lori Feld, and Helen Walker.

New Business:
SEAALL will take place April 13-16, 2005 in Montgomery, Alabama. There will be a workshop Thursday, Writing for Law Librarians. The entertainment on Friday night will be a play at the Shakespeare Center.

Ed Craig gave the treasurer's report.

Checking account balance: $1694.43
Savings account balance: $4547.23
Total assets $6241.66
Fall 2004 meeting expenses $283.87

Ed also noted that the LLAA membership list was up-to-date.

Becky Clapp thanked Janice Franks and the program committee. The next LLAA will be in Tuscaloosa in May.

Becky encouraged everyone to use the web site.

The motion to adjourn was made by Creighton Miller and seconded by Preston Peyton.

Respectfully submitted.
Ruth Weeks

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