October 21 , 2005; Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, AL

Minutes of the Fall 2005 LLAA Meeting

Janice Franks called the meeting to order at 12:57.

Janice pointed out that Becky Clapp had called her attention to a mistake in the Spring 2005 minutes, where it stated that Janice “was presented with the gravel” rather than gavel. John Hightower made a motion to correct the minutes. The motion was seconded and passed. A motion to waive the reading of the minutes was presented by John Hightower, seconded and passed.


Janice Franks discussed a tabled proposal to pay the AALL dues for the incoming president. A vote was taken by email amongst the executive board (Janice abstained) and approved paying her dues. The proposal now being discussed was to approve paying dues for the incoming president in the future. It was mentioned that employers sometimes pay this fee. Ed Craig made the motion that AALL membership be paid for the incoming president in the event that the employer does not. The motion was seconded and passed. Ed Craig then pointed out that this is something the organization can afford to do. The question was raised if Virginia Hare needed to see if bylaws needed to be amended.

The second proposal that was tabled from the spring was the possibility of paying registration fees and travel expenses for the president for the AALL annual convention. This could be expensive, up to $1500. One suggestion was to pay only the registration fee, not travel expenses. Ed Craig pointed out that the organization has $1300 in revenue from dues this year, so maybe the registration fee would be manageable but he did not see any way we could pay all the expenses. David Clark pointed out that not every president would go to the conference even if the registration was paid for them. Tim Lewis said that since we cannot afford to pay all the expenses, just the registration fee would be reasonable. David Clark suggested capping the allowance. Ed Craig agreed with this, suggesting $500 as a stipend that could be applied toward fees or travel expenses as needed. He also pointed out that even this amount would use up the slack in the budget each year unless we dip into our savings, which is currently around $4500. It was asked what other things we would spend our savings on and was pointed out that in the past it has been used for bringing in speakers and helping with the SEAALL reception. It was suggested that this stipend could be allowed either depending on a vote of the executive committee or if resources permitted or if funds are available. Preston Payton pointed out that having the savings gives us flexibility for meeting options. It was mentioned that if several presidents in a row used this option, it would deplete the savings account. Someone suggested that if we did break into the savings we might consider putting on workshops or some other form of fundraiser to keep our funds up or at least break even. Tim Lewis moved that the bylaws be adjusted to include that upon the written request of the Vice President/President-Elect to the Executive Committee, the Executive Committee consider paying the registration fee up to $500 for the Vice President/President-Elect to attend the AALL annual meeting. This motion was seconded and passed.


No new business was raised.


Ed Craig gave the treasurer's report. As of October 28, 2005:

This did not include $19 expenses for postage and refreshments.


Deidra Payne announced that the SEAALL community service committee has a website were members can donate to hurricane victims. She also announced that the SEAALL spring 2006 meeting has been moved from Baton Rouge to Raleigh.

A motion was made by Tim Lewis to adjourn the meeting. It was seconded and passed.

Janice Franks adjourned the meeting at 1:20 p.m.

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