May 12, 2000; Sirote and Permutt, Birmingham, AL

Minutes of the Spring 2000 LLAA Meeting

Terry Psarras, President, called the meeting to order at 12:50 p.m. and thanked the people who had worked hard to put together an excellent program, including Tim Lewis, Lori Martin, C.J. Jones, and others.

A copy of the most recent edition of Legal Information Buyer’s Guide & Reference Manual, donated by the author, our first speaker, Kendall Svengalis, was raffled off and won by Gary Lewis.

Membership forms were distributed for the coming year.

Terry asked if there were any Old Business. Tim Lewis moved we dispense with the reading of the minutes of the last meeting, which was seconded and carried. There was no Old Business.

Terry moved on to New Business and offered the new slate of officers for the coming year, which included:

President Katie Moellering (of Johnston, Barton)
Vice President Helen Mellett (of Bradley, Arant)
Secretary David Clark (of Lightfoot, Franklin), and
Treasurer Gary Lewis (of SUpreme Court of Alabama).

The floor was then opened for other nominations, and there being none, the slate was approved unanimously.

Terry then requested volunteers for the committees, including Government Relations, Membership, By-Laws, and especially, Newsletter, Programs, and Nominations. Eventually, the following volunteered or were appointed:

Newsletter – Terry Psarras
Programs – Deidra Payne and Helen Mellett
Nominations – Tim Lewis, Lorie Feld and Penny Gibson
Bylaws – Virginia Hare and Janice Franks
Membership – Alma Surles
Government Relations – ?

The president is an ex officio member of all the committees. Note: There is no limit to the number of people allowed on a committee, and all are welcome to volunteer. Certainly, if you have a great idea for a program session or a newsletter article, join up or pass it on.

Deidra asked about the possibility of saving postage costs by e-mailing the newsletter. A request for a show of hands of anyone who did not have access to e-mail indicated that all present did, but there was uncertainty as to the whole membership, so the newsletter will continue to be mailed in hard copy for the foreseeable future. Many, though not all of those present subscribe to the LLAA listserve, which was again recommended as an excellent way to keep in touch with other members. [To subscribe, send e-mail to: and in the body type: subscribe llaa (my name).]

Terry regretted the absence of librarians from Cumberland at the meeting and expressed the hope that the Association can reach out to them; they have been valued members before and are missed.

David Clark wondered if we could put our membership roll on the LLAA website, but was concerned that vendors might abuse it. Tim L. assured us that we are already known to the vendors, so that at least should not be a problem. Preston P. suggested that the next list issued, in whatever format, have the members’ e-mail addresses, to make it easier to contact them in a less intrusive fashion.

Gary Lewis then gave the Treasurer’s Report: we have no money to speak of in the checking account, in which he had put just enough money to cover this meeting. As of March 31, 2000, we had $3,423.64 in the savings account.

The final order of business was the passing of the gavel from Terry to Katie, as we once again witnessed an orderly transfer of power. Tim Lewis moved the membership commend Terry on a job well done, which motion passed by enthusiatic acclamation.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:15.
Preston Payton

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