May 4, 2001; Sirote and Permutt, Birmingham, Alabama

Minutes of the Spring 2001 LLAA Meeting

Tricia Bond Erin Kellen Deidra Payne
David Clark Pat Levine Preston Peyton
Jim Eyler Gary Lewis Caroline S. Rains
Rhoda Fleisig Tim Lewis Grace Simms
Janice Franks Tiffany McCord Julie Sinclair
Sarah L. Frins Blythe McCoy Alma Surles
Mandy Haddin Lori Martin Louie Vargas
Linda Hand Helen Mellett Susan Wilkinson
John R. Hightower Libby Miller

President Helen Mellett opened the program at 10:12 A.M. 

Presentation: Librarians as Knowledge Managers, by Tricia Bond, Reference Librarian, Alston & Bird, Atlanta.

Presenation: Lexis Whats News and Cool, by Deidra Payne, LEXIS-NEXIS Librarian Relations Consultant

Presentation: Westlaw - What's New & Cool, by Blythe McCoy, Marketing Manager for West Group, Southwest Division.

Luncheon followed the presentations; then, at 1:30 P.M., President Helen Mellett called the business meeting to order.

Helen explained how she came to be president sooner than she expected. Former President Katie Moellering left law librarianship to become a public librarian. Helen then assumed the presidency automatically, in accordance with the bylaws.

Several Association activities had been planned by Katie. Some will be carried out; others will not. One activity which will not take place is the local ping-pong tournament, sponsored by the William S. Hein Co., which was to take place before the annual AALL Convention. The completion of that program was dependent upon logistical factors that Katie had personal control over and which are no longer viable.

Thanks to Rhoda Fleisig and Deidra Payne, who along with Helen make up the (meeting) planning committee. They have also volunteered to serve as the planning committee for the coming year.

Thanks to Preston Peyton for the use of the meeting facility.

Treasurer's Report: Presented by Gary Lewis, Treasurer. As of 28 Feb 01, the date of the latest available statement, the checking account balance was $122.98. As of 29 Dec 2000, the savings account balance was $3,392.22. Gary reminded everyone of the new $25 dues policy, which was designed to pay for the meals at our meetings in addition to paying for the annual dues. He cautioned everyone to please RSVP so that we do not spend more money for food than is necessary, and thus incur additional costs. 

The 10 November 2000 meeting minutes were approved, with the reading of the minutes by Secretary David Clark waived due to their availability in the newsletter. LLAA Directory: Helen reported that Tim Lewis and the Supreme Court Library employees are working to update it. The goal is to include everyone's e-mail address and have the directory completed by the fall meeting.

Listserv and Website: Tim Lewis reported that he had contacted AALL and found that both programs were password protected by the former Webmaster, Terry Psarras. AALL is going to reset the system for Tim. Following that, the listserv and website will be updated. There was some discussion about how to get everyone's involvement in the listserv. The problem with the listserv in the past has been that there have been so few on it that the response rate to requests for help has been practically nil. Helen mentioned that she and Tim had discussed the possibility of automatically subscribing all of the members to the listserv, and then allowing them to cancel subscriptions individually if they wished to do so. It would also be an option to notify Tim ahead of time if someone did not wish to be included, in which case he would not subscribe them at all. It was ultimately agreed that Tim would send a group e-mail to everyone, soliciting their involvement in the listserv. Helen encouraged everyone to use this resource, because the lawlib listserv is just too big to post local needs messages to. Helen stated, "We all have so much to share. Let's communicate." 

Bylaws regarding the expenditure of association funds: Helen and Virginia Hare will work on this issue (e.g., who can authorize expenditure of Association funds), in coordination with Gary Lewis. The answer will be published in the fall newsletter.

Newsletter: Tim asked for contributions of news or other information. The newsletter will be published two or three times per year.


Nominating committee: This committee consists of Tim Lewis, Lori Feld, and Penny Gibson. Prior to the meeting, the committee asked James Leonard, Director of the Bounds Law Library, University of Alabama, to allow himself to be nominated for vice-president/president-elect, and asked David Clark to serve as secretary for another year. Both accepted. The floor was opened to other nominations, but there were none. John Hightower moved that the nominees be accepted, and their appointments were approved by acclamation.

On behalf of the program committee, Helen solicited ideas for the committee to consider; the goal being for future programs to be inclusive and meaningful to all law librarians, regardless of the venues in which they work including, but not necessarily limited to private, educational, and governmental realms. She also allowed that ideas could also be those of general interest, such as time-management, personnel-management, etc.

Parliamentary Procedure class: Helen noted that we need to make sure that we allow sufficient time for discussion before calling for votes on particular issues. In order to assist us in running our business meetings in a more efficient manner, a parliamentary procedure class for officers, committee chairs, and committee members will be scheduled for sometime this summer. John Hightower requested that all association members be allowed to attend, if they so desired, and Helen agreed.

Government relations committee: This committee, although not a "standing committee", is currently without any members. As no volunteers were forthcoming, it will not operate for the time-being.

Final note: The 2005 SEAALL(Southeastern Chapter of the American Association of Law Libraries) Meeting will be held in Montgomery. 

The meeting was adjourned at 1:36 P.M.

NEXT MEETING (tentative): Friday, 2 November 2001, at Bradley Arant Rose & White, 2001 Park Place, Suite 1400, Birmingham, Alabama.

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