May 14, 2004; State Supreme Court Library, Montgomery

Minutes of the Spring 2004 LLAA Meeting

12:30 p.m. Creighton Miller, President, called the LLAA Business Meeting to order.

Virginia Hare made a motion to waive reading of the minutes.
Motion was seconded and passed.

Creighton reported the new committee assignments were working well. He encouraged anyone interested in serving on a committee to contact Becky Clapp.

Creighton recognized Tim Lewis and thanked him and his staff for hosting the meeting. He also announced that Tim is chairing the local arrangements for the 2005 SEAALL meeting which will be held in Montgomery.

Creighton also recognized Becky Clapp and the programming committee for their hard work in developing the programs for today's meeting.

Committee Reports:

Gary Lewis gave the Treasurer's Report.
$4,354.94 in savings
$1,404.10 in checking
Cost of lunch was $425.84
Donation to Alabama Library Association - $250.00

Creighton recognized and thanked Gary for all of his dedication as Treasurer of the association for the last five years.

Criehgton introduced the distinguished guests:

Dr. Elizabeth Aversa, Director of SLIS

Officers of the Alabama Library Association: Juanita Owen and Jan Garrett, VP & President Elect. Juanita Owen offered thanks on behalf of ALA for the $250.00 gift from LLAA for "Legislation Day" and asked for our continued support.

Mandy Haddin, Law Librarian, Johnston Barton Proctor & Powell, and webmaster, announced that the LLAA website has been updated and revamped.

AALL Scholarship Program: CONELL - Conference for New Law Librarians. LLAA Was offered a scholarship for an eligible member (law librarian for less than 5 years) to help cover the conference registration fees. May 1st was the due date for the scholarship.

Nominating Committee Report:
Tim Lewis presented the following slate of candidates:

Becky Clapp - President
Janice Franks - VP/President Elect
Ed Craig - Treasurer
Ruth Weeks - Secretary

Creighton asked for nominations from the floor. There were none. Creighton asked for votes by affirmation. All were in favor. Officers for 2004-2005 are:

Becky Clapp - President
Janice Franks - VP/President Elect
Ed Craig - Treasurer
Ruth Weeks - Secretary

Creighton informed the association of his honor to serve as president and "passed the gavel" - office of the presidency - to Becky Clapp.

Becky's first order of business was to present Creighton with a gift of appreciation. Becky encouraged everyone to subscribe to and/or use the association listserv and to use the website. The education programs will be uploaded to the website.

Motion to adjourn was made by Creighton.

12:50 Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Helen Mellett Walker
Assistant Librarian
Bradley Arant Rose & White LLP

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