May 13, 2005; University of Alabama School of Law

Minutes of the Spring 2005 LLAA Meeting

President Becky Clapp called the business meeting to order at 1:50 pm.

Penny Gibson made a motion that the reading of the minutes be waived. The motion was seconded and passed.


There was no old business.


Tim Lewis thanked the organization for its donation for the opening reception at the SEAALL meeting in Montgomery.

Becky Clapp discussed a proposal that the organization consider providing AALL dues for the LLAA president since it is a requirement that the president be an AALL member. She also mentioned a proposal to provide AALL annual meeting registration and travel expenses for the LLAA vice-president/president elect.

Ed Craig said the association could cover the dues but questioned spending at the annual meeting.

John Hightower made the motion that we table the discussion until the fall meeting. Tim Lewis seconded and the motion was approved.


Ed Craig gave the treasurer's report.

A member questioned whether we should try to get a higher return on our savings account. Because of the amount of money we have, it was decided that the money should stay in a regular savings account.


Tim Lewis presented the slate of officers from the nominating committee.

Candidates for 2005-2006 term

Nominations from the floor were called for. There were no nominations.

Cherie Feenker moved that the slate of officers presented by the nominating committee be accepted. The motion was seconded and approved.

Becky Clapp encouraged members to participate in the leadership of the organization and to volunteer for committees. She also asked that members provide the program committee with topics and help in finding speakers. She thanked the University of Alabama Law School for hosting the meeting and thanked Lanie Willliamson and Ruth Weeks for coordinating the food.

The business meeting was then turned over to the incoming president, Janice Franks and she was presented with the gavel. She also encouraged members to joint committees.

A motion was made by Tim Lewis to adjourn, and seconded by John Hightower.

Janice Franks adjourned the meeting at 2:05 pm.

Ruth Weeks

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