May 19, 2006; Lightfoot Franklin & White, LLC, Birmingham, AL

Minutes of the Spring 2006 LLAA Meeting

President Janice Franks called the meeting to order at 1:37.

Franks thanked David Clark for hosting the LLAA meeting. A motion to waive the reading of the minutes was presented by Tim Lewis, seconded and passed.


Franks discussed paying the AALL dues for LLAA Presidents. This would require an amendment to the bylaws if the employer does not pay. Virginia Hare had said we could pass a bylaw for this, but other chapters do not have it. Creighton Miller moved to refer this to the Bylaws Committee.


Franks discussed the promoting of the LLAA Bibliography of Alabama Books that is currently on the web. Becky Clapp suggested that it be distributed to the Alabama Circuit Judges in July. Clark asked if it was in shape to publicize. John Hightower said criticism would be that it is not as up to date as possible. Franks requested a motion to spend money to publicize (likely postage) the bibliography. Lewis said there as no need for a motion, it was up to discretion of the LLAA President.

It was discussed whether people who do not pay their dues should be notified of LLAA meetings. Miller brought up that we should broaden our base and send out more statements. Helen Walker volunteered to follow up with those who do not respond to membership. Erin Kellen suggested that a kitty be set up for non-dues paying members.


Ed Craig gave the treasurer's report.


Clark asked for input about future programs. Hightower suggested a presentation of SIRSI/DYNIX. Deidra Payne suggested a program on disaster planning. Hightower suggested a tour of the Tuscaloosa Bindery. Kellen suggested a discussion of policy issues of food and drink and other "welcoming influences." Hightower suggested a sharing of Best Law Books.


Nominations of officers for 2006-2007 were announced by Helen Walker. They are:

No nominations were announced from the floor and there was a unanimous vote for the slate of officers.

John Hightower was given the gavel as the incoming President.

Franks adjourned the meeting.

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