May 18, 2007; Bounds Law Library, University of Alabama School of Law, Tuscaloosa, AL

Minutes of the Spring 2007 LLAA Meeting

President John Hightower called the business meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. John asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the Fall, 2006 meeting. Helen Walker so moved. Mandy Haddin seconded the motion and the minutes were approved without objection.

John asked for committee reports.


Ed Craig reported that the association had a profitable year and distributed a handout that reflected the association’s financial status from 6/1/06 – 5/18/2007.

Balances as of May 18th were as follows:



Ed reported that the issue dealing with monthly bank charges for receiving returned checks had been resolved satisfactorily.

John asked for a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report. David Clark so moved and GiGi seconded the motion. It passed without objection.

GiGi inquired about the source of our revenue and David asked if the association received subsidies from legal publishers. GiGi commented that the American Association of Law Libraries has money available to help fund speakers from other chapters. She suggested that we avail ourselves of some of these funds keeping in mind that there are deadlines for submitting proposals and for spending any funds obtained. She said it was good to let students attend our meetings and a scholarship might be possible.


John asked if there were any other committee reports or old business. There wasn’t.

GiGi suggested meeting with other groups to expand our horizons and utilize members from other chapters. She suggested holding meetings in Atlanta or Callaway Gardens. She also said a meeting at Tallahassee might be possible with another law library association or even a joint meeting with a medical library association.

John asked for more discussion or a motion. Creighton said a Huntsville meeting had been discussed at one time but there wasn’t enough interest. He suggested that the membership be surveyed before planning a meeting to see how many people would be interested. Helen pointed out that it might be more difficult to attend meetings that lasted more than a day. GiGi said Calloway Gardens was about as close as Montgomery. Ed Craig said the facilities at Calloway Gardens were great.

Penny said LLAA’s name needs to be corrected on AALL’s profile page.


John asked for new business. David Clark inquired about the purpose of our meetings and of having committees when they never meet. Helen said at one time we had long-range committees for education and programming. She said the association can be what it wants to be – it was up to the President and Vice-President to determine the direction of LLAA and that they might want to re-activate long-range committees. John asked and Mandy confirmed that our committees are listed on our web page. John reported that instructions for subscribing to LLAA’s listserve are on our webcite and that Mandy, our webmaster, had recently created a blog to distribute LLAA news.

John reported that the bibliography on our webpage has had some positive feedback. A district judge in a small county working on setting up a law library found our web page bibliography very helpful.

A discussion followed on how to recruit new members. John said he mailed information to every county law library but it might not have been received by the appropriate person. John said we should work on recruiting members from law firms. The consensus was that most people find out about our association from word of mouth and from our web cite.

David suggested that new librarians receive their 1st year membership free. Creighton said to recruit and publicize yourself you need to take a more formal approach and make meetings free to all students who want to come. John asked for a motion. Creighton moved and Virginia seconded a motion to make the meetings free for students at the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Alabama. The motion passed unanimously.

The new slate of officers was presented:

John asked for a motion to accept the slate of officers. Donna Chow so motioned and Virginia seconded the motion. The slate was accepted unanimously.

John passed the gavel to GiGi at 1:35. David Clark thanked John for his service to the association and the rest of the association concurred. Janice pointed out that John came up with the idea for the bibliography on our web page and we ought to promote it. GiGi mentioned the new Ala DUI book and Mandy said she would add it to our web page bibliography.

GiGi adjourned the meeting at 1:38 p.m.

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