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Grants & Awards


In its continuing effort to encourage professional education, the LLAW Grants Committee will consider applications from active members wishing to apply for financial assistance to attend the AALL Annual Meeting and / or institutes and workshops associated with the Annual Meeting -OR- another professional development activity.

In selecting grant recipients, the Grants Committee will consider:

The award recipient shall share his/her experience with other LLAW members by writing a short summary of the programs attended for publication in the LLAW Newsletter.

For more information, please contact the Grants Chair.


LLAW Distinguished Service Award

We all have extraordinary coworkers and colleagues. Do you know somebody who deserves an award for their service to LLAW or law librarianship? Fill out and submit the LLAW Award nomination form (Microsoft Word) to tell us who you would like to honor with the LLAW Distinguished Service Award. Contact Mary Koshollek for more information.


On May 5th, 2016, LLAW president Steve Weber presented the third LLAW Distinguished Service Award (DSA) to Bonnie Shucha of UW Law School Library. Vicky Coulter and Carol Bannen both submitted nominations and cited Bonnie for her numerous writings, awards, outstanding chapter and professional contributions as follows:

"Bonnie has served LLAW, AALL and the legal community by giving of her time, expertise and energy since she became a member of both associations in 1997. Her work in promoting law librarianship and the knowledge she has shared through her presentations, publications and leadership has and will continue to have an effect on law librarians and the profession well into the future." - As submitted by Vicky Coulter

"Bonnis has been an outstanding example of what law librarians can do and has greatly enhanced the visibility and credibility of LLAW." - As submitted by Carol Bannen

Participating on the 2015 selection committee were Mary Koshollek and Bev Butula. A list of all LLAW DSA award winners appears below:




Bonnie Shucha


Beverly Butula


Cindy May