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Standing and ad-hoc committees all use volunteers to keep LLAW running and achieve new goals. Does a committee's activities interest you? Contact the Chair or indicate your interest in your membership application.


1 or more volunteers needed.

The Archives Committee maintains the chapter archives, in digital format when possible, considers retention policies and practices and makes archival material available to chapter members on request. Archives includes material such as documents reflecting the development of the chapter; chapter publications; all versions of the chapter constitution, articles of corporation and bylaws; meeting minutes; the chapter newsletter; chapter annual reports and biographies; membership directories; and treasurers' records. Keeps aware of discussions or recommendations at the association level regarding archival material and participates in association attempts to survey chapter archives content. Contacts all board members and committee chairs at the end of each year regarding transfer of records to archives. Submits an annual report to the president and the newsletter editor by May 31.

Government Relations

1 or more volunteers needed.

The Government Relations Committee monitors advocacy and policy issues at the federal and state level via the AALL Government Relations Office blawg, e-bulletin, listserv and social media and disseminates that information to LLAW members. Tracks state legislation and activities pertaining to our areas of interest, such as access to public records, CCAP, FOIA, law libraries and privacy.


3 volunteers, plus 1 Sub-Chair for the Distinguished Service Award.

Committee members collaborate as a three or four person committee to review and evaluate grant applications.  The time commitment of committee members is light. Review of applications is handled via email and generally takes less than 30 minutes per application. The Grants & Awards Committee receives anywhere between 1 and 6 or 7 grant applications. The Grants & Awards Chair is responsible for preparing a budget in advance of the first executive board meeting and naming a sub-committee chair for the Distinguished Service Award. The Grants & Awards Chair is also responsible for conducting a preliminary review of all grant applications to ensure no conflicts of interest on the part of any committee member before distributing the completed application materials to the committee for review. Additionally, the Chair handles administrative detail related to tracking and reporting grants approved and denied; writing announcements for LLAW Briefs and listserv reminding membership of grant availability and deadlines; working with Treasurer to ensure timely distribution of grant awards; and corresponding with grant awardees. The Grants & Awards Chair is expected to attend all quarterly executive board meetings and prepare an annual meeting report.


1 volunteer needed.

Membership is familiar with all types of LLAW membership. Maintains a membership file including all membership forms and records. Maintains the LLAW listserv. Supplies membership information as requested. Processes all new membership applications. Checks and records the amount and classification of membership upon receipt of the completed membership form. Submits payments to the treasurer. Welcomes new members by email; include directory login and password, date of next business meeting, and links to website copyright statement and listserv policy. Emails member name, member type, member email address, and photo permission to newsletter committee member. Notifies committee chairs if members are interested in LLAW committees. Submits an annual report for the calendar year in which they are chairs to the president and the newsletter editor by May 31. Prepares membership renewal form to be posted to the LLAW website and the LLAW listserv in May. Emails follow-up notices to non-renewing members starting in September to encourage continuing membership. Assures that non-renewals are dropped from the mailing list on September 1. Prepares annual membership directory in PDF form. Forward to web committee for posting on website. Post login and password to the listserv. Update directory as needed and forward to web committee for posting on the website.


1 or more volunteers needed.

Serves as editor of the LLAW Newsletter. Responsible for publishing the quarterly LLAW Newsletter which chronicles the chapter's events and provides timely information of assistance to the chapter. Regularly includes in the newsletter: letter from the president; treasurer's report; list of committee members and chairs; minutes of quarterly and board of directors meetings; membership news; amendments to the constitution and bylaws; call for committee volunteers (February.); AALL Annual Meeting reports (August); year-end committee reports (May); notice of meetings and seminars; announcements, articles and items of interest to the chapter. Makes recommendations to the board of directors regarding the newsletter. Serves as chapter liaison to the AALL Council of Newsletter Editors (CONE). Solicits and collects materials for the newsletter on a regular basis and may establish columns and appoint columnists. Distributes newsletter via email to LLAW members and other subscribers, to the CONE listserv, and to the AALL Director of Publications.


All committee members are appointed by Nominating Chair.

The immediate past president serves at the chair for the Nominating Committee. The chair of the committee appoints committee members for his/her term as chair jointly with the incoming president. Assures that the committee consists of three members and that no member is an officer of the organization or a candidate for office. Becomes familiar with chapter members seeking out those with an interest and ability to serve the chapter. Active members are sought who have qualifications for specific offices and who will have the support of their employers and/or the time to devote to the office. Attempts to nominate candidates with a regard to equitable geographical balance and balance by type of library. Seeks a vice president/president elect from a different metro area than the current vice president/president elect. Assures that a slate of candidates, at least one for each office, is presented to the membership no later than March 1. Assures that ballots are mailed to all paid active members by April 1 and that only ballots received by April 30 are counted. Announces new officers after April 30th to the membership.


1 or more volunteers needed.

Informs the membership of job openings in law librarianship in Wisconsin. Openings from contiguous states may also be advertised. Weekly tracks websites that may have openings and accepts position announcements from employers. Clarifies listings with employers, including establishing a deadline application date. Notifies members via the LLW List Serv. Contacts the web person for inclusion of the listing on the webpage. Reviews and updates the Jobs page on the LLAW website as needed. Submits an annual report to the president and newsletter in May.

Public Access to Legal Information (PALI)

1 Chair needed; at least three committee volunteers needed.

The Public Access to Legal Information (PALI) Committee seeks to improve access to legal information and to promote legal information services to the public. This could be accomplished through a variety of short and long-term activities. For example, this could include the preparation of written documents that aid the public in accessing legal information or that promote the accessibility of legal information. It could also include creating or participating in programs on legal research for non-law librarians or non-librarians. The PALI committee is not limited by past PALI initiatives and can investigate new initiatives that promote access to legal information. The Chair attends all LLAW board of directors meetings as well as membership meetings and is responsible for providing quarterly update reports to the board as well as an annual report in May. Committee members attend PALI meetings as arranged by the Chair, participate in identifying and implementing new initiatives, and perform outside activities related to the initiatives.


1 or more volunteers needed.

Codes and updates the LLAW website, which is hosted on AALL's ASP shared server space. Manages Dreamweaver templates and local file backups. Registers annually with AALL web host and communicates issues or questions about web hosting to AALL. Sets new membership password once a year through AALL. Updates the ASP-driven program registration pages and PayPal account 4 times per year for each quarterly business meeting. Maintains the ASP-driven membership application pages. Updates the LLAW Briefs page 4 times per year. Updates member-submitted publications and archived meeting material as needed. Updates the social media sites (LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+) with both internal information (e.g. program announcements) and external information (e.g. library-related news). Manages new connections on LLAW pages. Investigates and creates or implements new additions or enhancements to the website and social media pages. Creates and manages LLAW graphics, including logo. Maintains LLAW Gmail and Google account and logins for online services, such as SurveyMonkey and Hootsuite. Writes content for the website. Investigates new social media or web technology or web services for LLAW. Submits an annual report to the president and the newsletter editor by May 31.

Questions? Contact the Membership Chair.