Newsletter Survey Results

Thank you to all who participated in our recent survey of readership interest in an electronic version of the newsletter. An overwhelming majority of respondents desire an electronic format. The results were as follows:

Total number of responses: 42

Would you like to see the LLNE News available in electronic format?

Yes 38 No 4

If the newsletter were available in an electronic format, would you still want to receive a print copy?

Yes 10 No 32

Which electronic format(s) would you prefer?

Web only: 10

E-mail only: 18

Web and e-mail: 14

If it were available on the web, would you like to see it in HTML, pdf or as a word processing file?

(Check as many as apply.)

Pdf attachment only: 13

All 3: 3

HTML and word processing: 1

HTML and pdf: 3

If it were available via e-mail, would you prefer? (Check as many as apply.)

All 4: 3

Pdf attachment: 7

Link to web: 14

Word-processed attachment: 2

Text within the message: 2

Word and link: 3

Text and link: 1

Pdf and word: 1

Pdf and text: 1

Pdf and link: 2

Pdf, word and link: 1

Word, text within and link: 3

Do you subscribe to the LLNE list-serv?

Yes: 30 No: 10

Are you a member of AALL?

Yes: 32 No: 9

Do you have Internet access at home?

Yes: 31 No: 11


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