LLNE Executive Board Strategic Planning Meeting

LLNE (Law Librarians of New England) held a strategic planning meeting on Friday, January 25, 2002 at Boston College Law School. The meeting was an opportunity for the Executive Board and committee chairs to gather together and examine formally the current state of affairs for LLNE. Taking its lead from the AALL 2002-2005 Strategic Plan, the group, with the help of facilitator Maureen Sullivan, identified the many issues facing the chapter membership today (recruitment and retention, educational programs, technology, vendor relations, to name a few) and set out about devising concrete approaches for improving upon them.

One of the major considerations of the group was the structure of LLNE. The group plans to review policies and rethink the committee structure. They are also contemplating the possibility of bringing together certain committees which have similar goals, such as possibly combining the Internet, Public Relations and the Newsletter Committees and/or the Recruitment and Membership Committees. The Executive Committee will also examine the LLNE bylaws to see if they need to be updated/changed.

The group also expressed great interest in strengthening educational programming. A plan to implement a new program planning/education committee was introduced. Some other ideas for strengthening educational programming included partnering with other organizations and working with different "tracks" at meetings so that a wider range of interests could be met.

A common theme raised throughout the session was the need to communicate with the membership. The group stressed the importance of using all communications devices to keep information flowing, as well as the need for clarification of the uses and purposes of different communication tools.

Finally, the group agreed to pursue the following goals: increase the number of active members; establish a point person or committee for program planning; explore unique opportunities that LLNE has to offer its members that they do not already find elsewhere; announce new members at meetings and in the newsletter; reach out to new members (issue a personal invitation to be active); include student members on committees; and visit Simmons (and maybe Southern Connecticut and URI) classes to recruit new student members. The group also agreed to start a program of press releases and include some "fun" activities through the new Service Committee.

LLNE President Darcy Kirk and the other attendees agreed that the meeting was a great success and generated a renewed sense of commitment for them that they hope will extend into the LLNE membership at large.

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