Co-Editors’ Note

Welcome to the first issue of LLNE News that has been distributed only electronically. (We hope you started getting used to this format with our digitization of the last issue!) You should have received postcards in the mail notifying you of the discontinuation of the print.Announcements of new issues will be made through he LLNE serv.You may also sign up at to be placed on an e-mail list just for announcements of new issues.If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of us.

This is also the first issue with our new layout editors Sue Drisko and Diane Murley, both of Northeastern University School of Law, as well as former LLNE News editors.We wish to thank them for volunteering to take on the daunting task!

It was great to see many members at the recent Spring Meeting at Franklin Pierce Law Center.It was a fantastic meeting. If you were unable to attend, be sure to check out the various reports and photographs from the meeting.

Anyone interested in submitting items for future issues should contact John Pedini ( or Michelle Pearse (

To those of you attending AALL in Orlando, we look forward to seeing you at the LLNE luncheon!

Co-Editors, LLNE News

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