President's Message
By Michael Hughes, Quinnipiac University School of Law Library

I am honored and humbled to serve as your president for the coming year. One of my greatest pleasures in being a part of the law library profession involves my association with the Law Librarians of New England. As an officer of the Executive Board, I have witnessed many instances of the dedication exhibited by the members of LLNE. Darcy Kirk, who led our team as President for the past year and a half, deserves our gratitude for her outstanding leadership during a difficult time in our nation's history. As Vice-President/President-Elect, Susan Sullivan continues her time-honored involvement with LLNE's activities. I look forward to working with Darcy in her capacity as Past (never passé!) President and Susan (always on board!) as Vice-President. Cindy Landau, Treasurer, ensures that LLNE remains fiscally sound. This year, she continues to create a generic budget for LLNE to use in the future. Jeff Flynn, Education Director, who keeps us on track for future educational experiences, is recreating the Program Manual in electronic format. Newly elected Jeannine Uppgard, Secretary, and Maureen Quinlan, Education Director, will contribute as ably as Cindy and Jeff have done for us.

The Law Librarians of New England is a vibrant organization, thanks to the many members who play an active role in its affairs, as was demonstrated at the AALL 95th Annual Meeting and Conference in Orlando in July. "Creating Connections" certainly applies to LLNE. Here are a few examples:

Activities Table

John Pedini, Dave Turkalo and I assembled a display that depicted the numerous activities of LLNE and the excellent output of our members during the past year. The table included such items as a listing of LLNE member participants at AALL and the names of award and scholarship recipients; information on membership in LLNE and the activities of the committees of LLNE; printed copies of the electronic newsletter professionally produced by Michelle Pearse, John Pedini, Susan Farago, Sue Drisko, Diane Murley, Carole Doody and Maria Sekula, and other contributors; a print copy of the web site admirably administered by Raquel Ortiz along with the other members of the Communications Committee; and program handouts of the Fall 2001 Intellectual Property meeting hosted by Boston University Pappas Law Library and the Spring 2002 Education Law meeting hosted by Franklin Pierce Law Center Library. Please contact me or other members of the LLNE executive board and committees if you would like to contribute toward next year's activities table in Seattle.

The LLNE activities table at AALL's annual meeting in Orlando.

LLNE/SNELLA Joint Luncheon

The joint LLNE/SNELLA luncheon, partially funded by William S. Hein and appreciated by us for their generous ongoing support, was a great success. Over fifty attendees said thanks and good-bye to Brian Harkins, Secretary, who left the Executive Board, and relished in the fine food and news of LLNE's pursuits. Likewise, we applauded Susan Sullivan for her many years of contribution on the Scholarship Committee, whose members include Karen Moss and Martha Sullivan. The attendees also welcomed the opportunity to stand and warmly applaud Ken Svengalis upon hearing Tracy Thompson, Executive Director, New England Law Library Consortium, present him with a proclamation of appreciation on our behalf. Darcy Kirk, who arranged this gathering, and thus once again deserves our thanks, transitioned in the new Executive Board and ended the meeting by suggesting a symbol for the 2004 annual meeting to be held in Boston. I would like to take this opportunity to support her idea of a duck. What could be a better way to express the goodness of Boston than Make Way for Ducklings! and Duck Tours? The ducklings could also be paddling in a pool surrounded by Boston ferns, which could adorn the tables at the closing banquet, along with servings of Animal Quackers (sorry) and Duck Soup.

AALL Comprehensive Chapter Professional Development Award

LLNE received the 2002 AALL Comprehensive Chapter Professional Development Award for its Introduction to Legal Research course. Joan Shear, creator and designer, and Chris Swan, implementer and operator, along with the other teachers and participants in this worthwhile program, deserve our applause for their outstanding efforts in developing the educational awareness of our members.

Hein Fun Run

As busy as LLNErs are, no one can outrun Stephanie Burke and Will Meredith, who won this year's Hein Fun Run. Stephanie Burke, chair of the Service Committee, looks forward to hearing your ideas on how her committee can spring forward following the success of last year's walkathon and subsequent accolade.

In this coming year's president messages, I will address issues pertaining to implementing our proposed new committee structure, as well as LLNE's ongoing projects, policies, and procedures. Susan Sullivan and I, who have been analyzing our Constitution and bylaws, will have more to present to you for your approval on the documents that serve as the backbone of our organization. The Communications Committee, chaired by Raquel Ortiz, likewise will provide language for opting in and out of LLNE's listserv run by Pat Newcombe and Nancy Johnson and on including photographic images in our publications. Cathy Breen, chair of the Membership Development Committee, and Susan Zeigfinger, member, will be exploring ways to provide value to your membership in LLNE. And Kelly Browne continues to lead the Government Relations Committee.

On behalf of all the members of the LLNE team, I would like to again thank you for your outstanding support. With your ongoing help, LLNE can become for you Your LLNE, as it is My LLNE. Please bookmark LLNE in your to do file today. My thanks to all the members, committee chairs, and officers who help to make the Law Librarians of New England a great chapter of AALL.

Thus, as we look at our past and to our future, we see an LLNE that thrives largely due to the involvement of its members. Please join me and other Law Librarian of New Englanders when we next gather together in Boston in November for the Fall 2002 Meeting, "As You Learn It, A Play in Two Acts," hosted by Northeastern University Law Library where LLNE will again shine.

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