LLNE Scholarship News

LLNE provided two $500 scholarships to the annual AALL Meeting and Conference in Orlando. Congratulations to our member recipients: Wynne Browne, Downs Rachlin Martin (Burlington, VT) and Sarah Devotion Garner, University of Washington Law Librarianship Program.

Scholarships will also be available for the LLNE Fall Meeting on November 15, 2002. Northeastern University School of Law Library will be hosting the event at the Tremont Hotel in Boston. (See the "Area Meetings" link for more information about the meeting.) The scholarship application form is available on the LLNE website at http://www.aallnet.org/chapter/llne/forms/llneschol.htm. See also the guidelines at

The deadline for applications for a scholarship to the Fall Meeting is October 7, 2002.

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