Business Meeting Minutes

Submitted by Jeannine Uppgard, LLNE Secretary, University of Connecticut School of Law Library

President Mike Hughes thanked Kim Dulin and her staff at Northeastern Law Library for hosting the fall meeting and welcomed all participants, including first-time attendees at an LLNE meeting. He extended a special welcome to Janis Johnston, AALL Vice-President/President-Elect, who was attending the meeting. Mike reported on the following:

By-laws have been reviewed and recommendations have been made to correct typographical errors and make substantive changes. Recommended changes will be published either in the newsletter or web site and notice of such will be mailed to members prior to the spring meeting. They will be voted on at the spring meeting.

LLNE and Suffolk will host the satellite teleconference on the USA Patriot Act on Wed., Dec. 11.

Treasurer Cindy Landau reported the following account information from October, 2002 bank statements and May-October, 2002 income and expenses. Registration fees for the fall meeting are not included:
- Checking account $10, 269.77
- Savings account $11,201.20
- Income $ 4,775.00
- Expenses $11,019.83

Michelle Pearse, on behalf of Stephanie Burke, reported that the service committee would be serving a meal at the Pine Street Inn on January 19, 2003. Other projects with New England bar associations and the Prison Book Project are being developed.

Darcy Kirk, Past President, introduced Janis Johnston as our AALL representative at this meeting. Janis Johnston reported on plans and preparations for the 2004 AALL Annual Meeting that is to be held at the Hynes Auditorium in Boston. She expects to name a local chair in the coming weeks and wants local committees to be representative of the region, not just Boston. Janis, Gail Warren, who will be program chair, and others involved in planning the meeting will be visiting Boston in December. The theme of the conference will be GLOBALIZATION with a specific title yet to be developed.

In thanking Janis Johnston for speaking with us and in anticipation of the 2004 AALL Annual Meeting to be held in Boston, Mike presented Janis with AAA travel books and maps of the New England states, a copy of Make Way for Ducklings and a Mary Meyer fuzzy duckling. The inscription on the book read as follows:

Make Way For Ducklings
Presented On Behalf Of
The Law Librarians Of New England To
Janis L. Johnston, Vice President/President-Elect,
American Association Of Law Libraries,
Commemorating Her Visit At The LLNE Fall 2002
Meeting On November 15, 2002, In Boston,
Massachusetts, In Preparation For The AALL
Annual Meeting In Boston In July 2004.

The meeting concluded with a Westlaw raffle won by Joseph Miranda of Northeastern Law Library and Ken Svengalis of Rhode Island Law Press.

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