What Are You Watching?

In addition to being avid readers, law librarians are also known to watch the occasional television show. Spurred by a discussion at the recent LLNE Fall Meeting, LLNEers confess to some of their "guilty pleasures" on television.

Michael Hughes, Quinnipiac University School of Law Library
The Bachelor: The Second Season. Would he or wouldn't he? For eight nail-biting weeks we wondered which lovely princess would remain to receive the final rose from her kneeling prince, the handsome 28 year-old Aaron Buerge. We also pondered if watching this ABC television reality show, to some as politically incorrect as singing the Ten Little Indians song, was a worthwhile use of our time. And yet, week after week, we were hooked as 25 would-be wives whittled down to the beautiful 27 year-old Helene Eksterowicz. Wishing the engaged couple well, we know that we will miss the non-chosen Brooke, Gwen, Christi, and other women who spiced up our lives during the fall 2002 season. Aaron and Helene's fifteen minutes of fame will last as long as Bachelor 1's had last year. Is it time for Bachelor 3?

Anne Acton, New England School of Law Library
I really don't watch TV all that much [, but] the one series that I like and try to remember to watch each week is "West Wing". I like the fast paced dialogue and the multi-tasking the actors perform going from a crisis to a media event to a personal situation. It's a challenge to try to follow everything that is going on! I also try and watch the PBS Mystery Series and can't wait for Tony Hillerman's books to be brought to the screen beginning [in November].

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