Pictures from the AALL Annual Meeting

All credits are left to right.  They are of LLNE members and friends.  Please let me know if you or someone you recognize as an LLNE member appears in these pictures uncredited. Thanks.  Your webmaster and VERY amateur photographer, Raquel Ortiz.

Rebecca Hewitt and Lisa Arm stop by the Internet Room to check on business back home.

LLNE past presidents Lynn Randall and Diane Frake and friends take a moment away from the exhibits to socialize.

Margaret Cianfarini, Silke Sahl, and Bridget Reischer rest during a party.

Jessie Cranford, Raquel Ortiz, Stephanie Burke, Dorie Bertram with school librarian Pat Clouden at the
Adams Elementary School during "A Capital Contribution".


Stephanie Burke, Beth Holmes, Naomi Ronen, Suzanne Mucklow, and Silke Sahl.

Steve Young, Rebecca Hewitt, and Kumar Percy

Stephanie Burke and Beth Holmes take a break from dancing to the lively tunes of the Marcia Ball Band.

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