"As You Learn It" or "The Librarian's Lesson" in Two Acts

LLNE Fall Meeting - 2002

Session Abstracts

listed in order of appearance

"Teaching and Learning With Style: The Role of Learning Styles in Designing Educational Activities"

This hour-long, interactive presentation will cover the basics of learning styles. The knowledge outcome of the program will be an overview of the various conceptions of learning styles. A familiarity with learning styles will give teachers/trainers an understanding of how to use that information to increase student learning and teach more effectively.

"Teaching and Training Librarians Panel"

This panel will share the tips and techniques they have developed for training users of the library as well as fellow librarians. Panelists include an academic librarian who trains law students, a firm librarian who trains lawyers, a library vendor who trains librarians, a technical services librarian who trains librarians and library staff on using a new online catalog, and a judicial librarian who trains judges and other judicial staff. Anecdotal stories will be shared and there will be a question and answer period at the end of the program.

"Training as Performance"

As teachers, we often focus on the content of our subject matter and leave the quality of our speaking to chance. After a presentation we wonder, "Did they get it? Am I doing everything I can to get this across?" "Training as Performance" will give you some specific skills that actors use that will help you be more effective as a teacher or public speaker. Physical confidence, vocal presence, clear articulation and a relaxed presence are important parts of the performer's training. These are easy to learn and important to practice in order to improve our ability to convey complex and important concepts to our students and, as a result, increase their learning!