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Rachel Singer Gordon

Rachel Singer Gordon is Consulting Editor, Information Today, Inc., Book Publishing Division, and webmaster, She publishes the electronic newsletter Info Career Trends, blogs at The Liminal Librarian, and co-authors Beyond the Job, a professional development weblog for librarians.

Ms. Gordon is the "Computer Media" review columnist for Library Journal; she has been frequent contributor to LJ's "NextGen" column, writes Emerald's "Publish, Don't Perish" Library Link column, and coauthors "Tech Tips for Every Librarian" in Computers in Libraries magazine.

Her published work includes The Librarian's Guide To Writing for Publication (Scarecrow, 2004), The Accidental Library Manager (ITI, 2005), The NextGen Librarian's Survival Guide (ITI, 2006), and Information Tomorrow (ITI, 2007).

Ms. Gordon holds an MLIS from Dominican University and an MA from Northwestern University.

At this meeting Ms. Gordon will be presenting:

The Cross-Generational Workforce

Today's multigenerational library workforce faces a number of both internal and external challenges. To meet these challenges, we need to learn how to work together effectively and draw on individuals' unique strengths. In a graying profession, we also need to pay attention to succession planning, passing on institutional wisdom, and recruiting, retaining, and mentoring the next generation of librarians. Understanding generational differences, and clearing up misperceptions, can help us overcome workplace challenges and plan for a successful future.


Gayle Lynn-Nelson

Gayle Lynn-Nelson is a Senior Librarian Relations Consultant for Lexisnexis. She serves librarians in New York and New Jersey. Gayle has nineteen years of professional experience in law firm and court libraries. She is active at the national, regional and local level in professional library associations and is a past president of the New Jersey Law Librarian Association (NJLLA), as well as a faculty member of the Technology Committee for the Law Librarians Association of Greater New York (LLAGNY). She has also chaired and served on various AALL and SLA committees.

In addition to her professional affiliations, Ms. Lynn-Nelson has written various articles which have appeared in NJLLA In Brief, PLL Perspectives, SLA Chapter News, Information Outlook and Trends in Law Library Management and Technology. She has been a featured speaker at national, regional and local library association conferences.

Ms. Lynn-Nelson received her J.D. from Western State University College of Law and her M.L.S. from Rutgers University School of Library Information Studies. Most recently, Ms. Lynn-Nelson was awarded the H.W. Wilson award at the SLA Annual Conference 2005 held in Toronto, Canada.for her article titled, “The Millennial Invasion: Are you Ready?” published in Information Outlook, November 2004.

At this meeting Ms. Lynn-Nelson will be presenting:

One Size Does Not Fit All: Training issues law librarians face in the 21st Century

There are a number of issues facing law firms today and training is one of them. As we know a new generation of associate is entering the law firm market and their training needs are not the same as those of the associates that preceded them. This session will address the issues facing law librarians today when dealing with training, their incoming associates, their staffs and even those old-timers like partners and of counsel. Then there is the issue of training librarians themselves. We will examine all the facets of training the different groups and levels of learners and provide practical tips and techniques.