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Annual Meeting Pictures

Hein Fun Run
Duck Parade
Simmons GSLIS Reception
PR Showcase table

Many thanks to John Pedini for his agile photography and documentation of LLNE activities at the annual meeting.

Hein Fun Run -- a clean sweep by LLNErs!

David Turkalo, Will Meredith, and Stephanie Burke pause at the Hein Exhibit Booth to display their respective awards for participating in the Hein Fun Walk & Run 2002. A representative from William S. Hein presents
the much coveted silver platter.

Duck Parade

Pursuant to tradition, there is a person deemed the Duckmaster whose job it is to lead some ducks to the lobby fountain at the Peabody Hotel in Orlando, site of the 2002 AALL convention. Apparently, that
responsibility is granted to mere mortals who have displayed some magnificent skill or prowess. Since Will Meredith won the Hein Fun Walk & Run, he was chosen.

The ducks ran very fast! Apparently, there's food involved. Sounds like a typical librarian's convention!

After a run and some lunch, a leisurely swim in the lobby fountain.

Will came along right behind the ducks, but as far as anyone could see, he had already eaten, so there wasn't any hurry!

Will and the Duckmaster (yes, that's right, duckmaster)

Will and the assembled throng delight in the goings-on at the Peabody Hotel lobby fountain. Amazingly, the ducks hang out at the fountain all day. Lucky ducks!

Simmons GSLIS Reception

L-R: ?, Susan Sullivan and John Nann rest weary conference feet and smile for the camera.

New LLNE member David Bachman, Cornelia Trubey, and Stephanie Burke.

Judy Carlstrom and Liz Kenney give a friendly smile to all at the reception.

Simmons alums and friends enjoy the reception.

Stephanie Burke and Darcy Kirk enjoy the delicious hors d'oeuvres.

PR Showcase

John Pedini emulates New England Patriots kicker Adam Vinatieri.

John Pedini proudly presents the LLNE table full of information about LLNE for all PR showcase visitors.

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