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LLNE at the AALL Annual Meeting 2003: Picture Gallery: Part 2

LLNE Celebrates at the Opening Reception
Suffolk University Law School Library receives Law Library Publications Award
Boston 2004 Booth a Big Hit
LLNE/SNELLA Joint Luncheon

The Kelly Show: Getting to Yes by Saying No More Often
NELLCO Celebrates 20 Years
Simmons College GSLIS Alumni Reception

ALL PICTURES COURTESY OF: John Pedini, LLNE Photographer Extraordinaire.

LLNE/SNELLA Joint Luncheon

LLNE/SNELLA held their joint chapter lunch at the Sheraton Hotel. Outgoing LLNE President Michael Hughes attended to matters of ceremony with his usual combination of formality and exuberance.

Michael Hughes calls the proceedings to order.

Jeff Flynn of Suffolk was given a certificate of appreciation for his role as Education Director over the past two years.

LLNE Past President Darcy Kirk displays the lovely engraved book clock given to her in consideration of her constant assistance and vision during her term as Past President.

Michael Hughes poses with Yan Hong, who won a raffle of Ken Svengalis' book, "Legal Information Buyer's Guide & Reference Manual".

Some people pass the gavel, LLNE Presidents pass the duck.

LLNE President Michael Hughes, in demonstrating his spirit of publicizing the location of next year's convention, does what he calls the "Half Monty".

The Kelly Show: Getting to Yes by Saying No More Often

Kelly Browne put on another "talk show" program on assertiveness and satisfaction in the workplace called "Envision a Bolder Tomorrow: How to Get to 'Yes' by Saying 'No' More Often" The program featured LLNEers Joan Shear, Stephanie Burke and, in a video appearance, John Pedini. The program was quite popular, with over 300 people attending.

Cast and crew pose for a post-show shot.

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