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Banking Law


This is one of the best resources for banking law researchers. Select the "Banking Law" Topic Page from the listing of all MegaLaw.com Topic Pages. There are links to federal banking law court decisions, and relevant Code of Federal Regulations and U.S. Code sections. Links to other banking organizations and resources, as well as links to other banking law websites, are provided.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

The official site of the FDIC contains press releases, publications, and documents. A search engine is provided that searches words and phrases in all documents found on the FDIC web site. A "Web catalog" accompanies the search engine to aid the researcher in using pre-selected keywords. Most valuable is the Bank Data section of the web site that contains a number of searchable databases for three areas: Historical, Statistical, and Analytical. Many publications are located here, i.e., Quarterly Banking Profile and Banking Review. There are many databases that allow researchers to locate information on individual banks. Researchers can also look for Online Banks, search an Institution Directory, and locate FDIC Failed Financial Institution Information.

Federal Reserve Board of Governors

This official site includes recent articles, press releases, testimony and speeches, and regulations. Of particular interest is the "Research & Data" section which features current and historical material published on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Current data typically covers the latest two years while some historical data covers the past several decades. This web site also contains links to other government sites dealing with banking.

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)

The Subject Index at the OCC web site is an excellent starting point for banking research. The Index links the researcher to material on the OCC site, to other regulatory agencies, and to other useful banking web sites. The Subject Index also lists areas of responsibilities and telephone numbers of OCC divisions in Washington, D.C. Also useful are current and back issues of the OCC's monthly Interpretations & Actions publication. Issues from May 1996 to present are available. The OCC web site maintains a list of all its published documents, and texts of certain publications are available on the site.


Select your state and get bank rates for Certificates of Deposit, mortgages, home equity loans, personal loans, etc. There is also a "How To" section that tells you how to get a loan, research your bank, and more.

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