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Commercial Law

Law about… Commercial Law

The Legal Information Institute provides overviews of different areas of commercial law, including banking, bankruptcy, consumer credit, contracts, sales, and secured transactions. These overviews describe the scope of that area of law and provide links to federal and state materials and key internet sources. This site also provides access to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), currently linking to eleven of thirteen Articles.

CISG Database: Institute of International Commercial Law

This page, maintained by Pace Law School, provides access to the text (in various languages) of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) and other commercial law documents. It also includes cases, analysis, annotations, bibliographies and other scholarly material in the area of international commercial law, as well as links to other CISG websites

Commercial and Related Consumer Law

This meta-site provides links to internet resources, listservs and subject guides to commercial law information. These sites include information from the UCC and the CISG to consumer law and information for credit professionals.

Financial Accounting Standards Board

This page, provided by the Library of Congress, supplies basic information about copyright and specific copyright laws and legislation, including testimony on peer-to-peer networks and database copyright protection. Practical information regarding registering new works in various formats, including visual and performing arts, and a searchable database of copyright records, is also provided.

Financial Services Roundtable

The Financial Services Roundtable is a private organization made up of large financial services companies geared towards influencing public policy, along with its associated political action committee. The organization represents the banking industry as well as securities, investment and insurance organizations. Their website makes available their policy statements, annual reports, congressional testimony, along with other reports and publications.

American Bar Association Section of Business Law

While most of the information contained on this site is password-restricted to members of the section, some is publicly available. Public information includes the text of articles in Business Law Today and summaries of articles in Business Law eSource. Both of these sources have a search function available.

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