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Health Law

Food and Drug Administration

The Food and Drug Administration ("FDA") plays a significant role in overseeing basic industries such as pharmaceutical products for humans and animals, food production, medical devices, cosmetics and radiology. Because so much FDA regulation is organized by industry, their web site is also organized in this way. This site publishes a wide range of current and reliable agency materials.

National Library of Medicine ("NLM")

The National Library of Medicine ("NLM") is the world's largest medical library and creator of MEDLINE, a database which abstracts over 4,300 biomedical journals. NLM provides access to MEDLINE; MEDLINEplus, a consumer health resource; DIRLINE, a directory of health organizations; and additional medical resources accessible by subject.

Health Hippo

This site provides a large collection of health policy and regulatory materials related to health care issues. It provides over 5,000 links to internal health policy and regulatory information, and links to federal law applicable to the topic. Online documents include Congressional testimony, legislation, recent court decisions, links to federal agency reports, and press releases. Included are links to HippoNews, a collection of news sources; HippoTalk, a forum for email notification of updates, questions and discussion; and Still Searching, a collection of policy and regulatory Internet search engines which allows for searches of the entire site. Don't let the whimsical hippo theme mislead you into thinking this is a "light" site.

American Health Lawyers Association

This site was created by the American Health Lawyers Association and is provided to both members and nonmembers. It is intended for health lawyers, enabling them to obtain information on all the products and services offered by the Association, including publications and education program offerings, published briefs, "Ask Health Lawyers" documents, a National Job Bank, press releases, and a list of related web sites. Several well-known publications are available at this site: The Health Law Digest, providing case summaries and analyses, is available in abstract form, and Health Lawyers News, a monthly publication, containing the latest developments in the health and health law fields, can be scanned quickly for the latest news in this specialty.

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